Saturday, April 2, 2011

Those were the days.....

Yesterday as I made my way in to the grocery store, I noticed two gentlemen who were canvassing for donations for the Cancer Society.

At closer glance I realized one of them was a former teacher of mine from public school.  Grades 3 & 6.

I remember the first dayof Grade 3.  Having my name called out and seeing that our class was getting the new guy teacher!

Our school was filled with "old lady" teachers.  You know the ones that never smile and liked to sit the wooden discipline hand on their desk in plain view.  So this was pretty exciting.  Plus it was the first time I would be taught by a man (don't ask me why this made a difference, it just did).

He may also have been the teacher who made the most impact on me as a young girl.

Not because of anything in particular that he said to me.  He didn't single handedly defend me against a bully, or encourage me to "come out of my shell" and be more outspoken.  He didn't compliment me on my fine penmanship or pat me on the back for acing a test.... 


The thing I remember the most about this teacher, is his sense of humour.

He made everything fun. 

I remember one day when he came into class and instructed us to tell him step by step how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (we must have been learning about communication, or how to effectively write a story or something along those lines).  The only catch.....  He was an alien from outer space and didn't know what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was.

I remember the giggles and screams as the entire class tried desperately to give him adequate instruction.  It was disasterous and hilarious all at the same time and we had a BLAST!  We learned the importance of clear, precise communication that day.

As I was leaving the grocery store yesterday, he approached me and asked for a donation.  I replied "sure, but only because you were my teacher in Grade 3.  The gentlemen that was with him started laughing when he said "okay, give me a minute.  I can figure this out".  And he did.  He knew the school I attended and he knew my name.  He even commented about the change in hair colour.

Not bad for an old guy :)

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