Saturday, March 5, 2011

My history buff....

Sometimes I wonder what video games and too many zombie movies does to a brain.

Then I have a conversation with my 16 year old and I get my answer!

On our way home from the city this afternoon he proceeded to tell me how quickly a nuclear war could start and that he has a plan of action to ensure his safety.

He has a detailed plan of how he will survive Armageddon as well.  It's quite a passionate plan!

There are some moments when I wished I had a urine container handy so I could get a sample and have it analysed... 

Then it hits me that the boy plays WAY too much XBOX and doesn't have a firm grip on reality.

It went something like this:

Nate:  And those things right there.  They just tell you that they are water towers.  But really, that's where they keep the nukes.

Me:  They keep the nukes in the water towers?  {as I reach for the kleenex to wipe the tears running down my face from extreme laughter}

Nate:  Yeah.

Me:  Okay.

Nate:  And you know that we're on South Korea's side eh.  So, we make one wrong move and North Korea is going to take us out.  But probably only Windsor because it's bigger than Belle River.  Just saying.

Me:  {can't speak, laughing too hard}

Nate:  Go ahead and laugh Mom.  You don't even know what you are talking about, okay!?!  You don't even know, I took history, I know what's going on!

Me:  You failed History.

Nate:  Well, I heard the part about the nukes because it was the most interesting part, so I didn't fail that part.

Me:  Oh, I wish I had my voice recorder with me.

Nate:  And don't worry I have it all figured out if we there's a zombie attack.  But we need to get our hunting guns from the cottage so we have something for me to shoot them with.

Me:  Aren't they already dead?

Nate:  Yeah, but it slows them down and plus it'd be fun to shoot them.

It kind of just kept going on and on like this until we reached home.  We even touched upon how he doesn't have to plan for college since the world is ending in 2012 anyway.  Okay then.
And this is what all you new moms out there have to look forward to.

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