Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garden of Gratitude

Years ago when I was into watching "Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives", I remember getting this really great feeling inside of my stomach when I realized it was Sunday and my favourite shows would be on.

I didn't know where this feeling was coming from, I just know it made me feel alive, excited.  It was a feeling of joyful anticipation.

It wasn't just the television shows (I'm not quite THAT shallow!).  It was the time I would be spending with my husband that made me feel so great.  We both loved our Sunday night shows and so Sundays became the night we would get the kids to bed on time, then snuggle on the couch with 2 cups of tea and a blanket and enjoy our shows together.

I loved that Sunday night feeling.  It meant that I was capable of feeling deep gratitude for what I had in my life.

Now, I get that feeling a lot more often. 

I get it when I drop the kids skates off to be sharpened and when I get a good deal at the grocery store.  I got it when I bought my new winter jacket last week and enroute to a coffee date with a friend.  I get it when I am snuggled in bed for the last 1/2 hour of rest before my day really begins.  And I felt it just now when I looked out the window at the snow that is covering my backyard.

It's like all those Sunday night feelings were seeds that were planted once a week and now I am experiencing a garden of gratitude everywhere I turn.

There is certainly alot to be grateful for.  I am healthy.  I am in a loving marriage.  My kids are healthy and smart.  I have a beautiful, warm home and I am surrounded by loving friends and family (to name just a few!)

Some days it can slip our minds to be grateful, we live in a society of abundance and so we tend to overlook the little things. 

I believe that if you spend even the smallest amount of time each day feeling grateful, that feeling will grow into natural gratitude that will sneak in (or pour in) to your life in the moments where you least expect it..... 

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