Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today's gift....

I woke up to the phone ringing this morning.

It was my "mum in law" letting me know that my grandma was in the hospital with pneumonia.  And wanted to ask me if I could help out keeping her company, that my "cousin in law" was in all night with her and if I could, would I go and spend some time and see if I could help. 

Of course I could!

I blogged about grandma not long ago.  About it being her 92nd birthday and how cute it was that she didn't remember what day it was even though we just were talking about it being her birthday.

She's special to me.


I stopped in to sit with her a while, had a great visit with my "cousin in law" and helped gram out a bit with getting some water and eating some soup. 

I watched her hold my sons hand as if it was a life preserver. 

I watched her curled in a ball in her bed, softly snoring and sleeping like a baby.

None of this may seem grandiose to anyone but me.  However, tonight as I sit here thinking about this day, I am filled with nothing but gratitude for this family that I have married into.  That I have been asked to and am able to be a part of caring for such an important person in their lives.  That I am included in the time they have with her.  And that she calls me her granddaughter.

What a gift.

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