Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I Love About Me!

There are are so many days when I dwell on all of the things that I don't appreciate about myself, that I thought today I would post about the things I really and truly do love about myself (today....).

1) I love that I don't look old enough to have teenagers (well at least that's what people tell me anyway)
2) I love that I hate to cook and love to clean
3) I love that I am always willing to learn something new, even if I choose the hardest method in which to learn it
4) I love that I am an awesome Mom and I can truly say that I have done the best I can for my boys
5) I love that I am still married to the man I fell in love with when I was 10 years old.
6) I love that I love to garden
7) I love that I have tiny feet, cause the cute shoes always fit
8) I love that I know who I am, where my strengths and weaknesses lie
9) I love that I am sometimes crazy
10) I love that I have earned the trust of my friends
11) I love my hair! I have great hair!
12) I love that I can get away without wearing makeup (well I think I can anyway)
13) I love that I finally unearthed my creative potential and indulge in that every so often
14) I love that I'm not afraid to fly in an airplane or with my own wings
15) I love that I am a chocoholic
16) I love that when I am passionate I tend to behave like a raving lunatic
17) I love that it takes me forever to get used to the water temperature in the pool just to get out in 5 minutes 'cause I have to pee
18) I love that I am big busted, since it balances out my big butt...
19) I love that I smile alot and have alot to laugh about
20) I love that when my boys need something, they come to me first
21) I love that I dance, no matter who is watching me (and I don't need to be drunk)
22) I love that everytime I shave my legs I miss the same damn spot!
23) I love that I am a people person
24) I love that I know what I want in life
25) I love that my van is blue and my license plate says SMURF, cause it makes life fun
26) I love that I took the risk and moved to a new town
27) I love that I was born on Oct 10, because it means that this year my birthday is 10/10/10, how cool is THAT!
28) I love that my name is Jennifer and not Edna (not that Edna isn't a great name)
29) I love that I am patient
30) I love that I can't sing with a darn but still do anyway
31) I love that I am quirky and imperfect
32) I love it when I make my husband laugh with said quirkiness and imperfection
33) I love that I am independant
34) I love that I don't have a favourite color
35) I love that I don't have a lucky number
36) I love that I am not superstitious
37) I love that I am not in control anymore :) HAHAHA
38) I love that I love to eat
39) I love that I enjoy being alone
40) I love that I enjoy being with my family

We don't give ourselves enough love. We need to be loving each and every cell of our bodies, every thought that has created who we are.

This was a great experiment to see how much I could come up with, it seems like a struggle at first but then it snowballs and you just keep thinking up new things that you love about yourself.

It's all good. You are all good. Each and every bit of you is as beautiful as the sunrise!

Take some time to acknowledge that beauty. Heck, blog about it. I just did!


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