Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Raw Experiment

About a month ago I decided to omit the bulk of the wheat products I had been consuming from my daily diet.

I had been experiencing some discomfort in my digestive system that had me making way too many bathroom visits during the day and night. I was constantly fatigued and irritable. I couldn't focus on anything for long periods of time and found myself "zoning out" on a regular basis.

I also made the decision to eat as much raw food as possible throughout the day. Eating only a cooked meal at dinnertime (hubby likes his food cooked and I am too lazy to prepare more than one meal).

I was participating in this new way of eating for about 2 weeks when we left for vacation.

While vacationing we ate regular vacation type meals, lots of hamburgers, hotdogs and processed stuff (it's easier to travel with), since we don't have a proper refrigerator there isn't much raw food coming into camp with us as it seems to spoil quickly for some reason.

I packed what I could to get me through at least the first couple of days, sliced pineapple, apples, tomatoes, red peppers. Once that supply was exhausted however I was without raw food, save for the odd banana.

In the second week of the vacation I noticed I had begun feeling fatigued again, no amount of sleeping in and going to bed early was helping it.

When we returned home my body was such a mess. My stomach gurgled endlessly, and the picture of a highway came to mind, with traffic jams stretching the length of my intestines. People angrily shouting and shooting the finger and those ahead of them. It sounds silly and this is exactly how my stomach felt!

My pants weren't fitting me because the bloating had returned and again I was spending the entire night in the bathroom, popping Pepto Bismol tablets just to get some relief so I could sleep.

The next day I headed to the grocery store and loaded my cart with fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is really interesting when you have the opportunity to try something new and then experience living without it. To be able to see the contrast in how my body was behaving on the raw food and then with out it was a great gift and I recognized immediately what my body was asking of me.

It is very clear to me that my daily diet and the health of my body is no longer something I can compromise.

Witnessing the mess that my digestive system becomes when I consume unhealthy foods was a real eye opener. My father died of colorectal cancer. The odds are high that I will end up with the same fate. He didn't eat a very healthy diet and I can remember him having digestive difficulties similar to my own when I was a child.

Do I think I can change this for myself?

I absolutely know I can change this for myself. I have seen the difference in the feeling of my body when I consume raw foods and no wheat. I feel lighter, I am free from bloating and excessive gas sitting in my digestive tract, I have way more energy and I think more clearly.

On the metaphysical side, I see a great increase in my capacity to hear my intuitive guidance and my spiritual sight increases.

The other thing I noticed is that when I eat unhealthily I seem to develop black spots floating in my vision. When I returned to the raw food those spots disappeared. There are most likely many more things happening in my body that I can't see the results of at the moment, the prospect of that is exciting.

Most people would consider all of this a no brainer really. It makes perfect sense that a diet rich in living vegetables and fruits would make you feel more alive.

However, as a busy Mom of 3, Wife and Business woman I easily wandered into the path of whatever is easiest and most satisfying in the way of food. Whatever gets the troops fed, whatever they will actually eat is what I will prepare and happily.

How often do we stop and equate how we are feeling with what we are eating? We will however blame our life circumstances on how we are feeling. And most often the more stress we have the more junk we eat and the more junk we eat the more stress we have. They feed eachother and grow into something bigger than we can handle, showing up as chronic disease's in our bodies.

Maybe you experience the same symptoms as I did, maybe you've been to the doctor, poked and prodded and given a prescription to take care of the issue only to find you develop a host of other symptoms that would require more medication to control.

Maybe you just need an apple a day?

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