Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Consider this....

Have you ever considered that every single act you commit to throughout your day is total divine perfection?

What do I mean by that?

Well, I mean even when you are brushing your teeth you are engaging in a divine activity, it is exactly what you need to be doing in that moment, nothing else, just brushing your teeth. It is a phenomenal thing you know, your fingers picking up the brush, then your other hand squeezing the paste onto the brush, like a team of syncronized swimmers, each movement orchestrated beautifully.

There have been many times when a concept has rung true for me, like a long lost secret being whispered in my ear. Do we ever catch the opportunity to notice it in action in our every day lives?

The fact is that each and every act creates another and another and another. And each and every act has the potential to bring you to a higher awareness of yourself.

A fight with your spouse. A dead battery in your car. Hitting every stoplight on your way into work. A pink slip when you arrive at work.

Each and every act is in perfect synchronization to what your soul desires.

And yet, do we notice the beauty in that? Rarely if ever.

So, tomorrow when you wake up and go to the bathroom to prepare for the day, take a really good look at the dance that is happening right before your eyes.

The perfect synchronization of your day has begun, how beautiful is that!


  1. Good reminder to not judge some acts as more important than others Jenn.


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