Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Needs vs. Wants

We are all walking around with a list of "wants" in our pockets...  Am I right?

We WANT more money, a new car, a new house, a better job, obedient children, an attentive partner, a housekeeper, a gardener, new decor for the house, a camper trailer, an inground pool, a trip to Egypt, the list goes on and on.

I spent the later part of 2009 making endless lists of goals, lists of mistakes I have made, lists of things I learned from those mistakes, descriptions of my perfect day, lists of things I wanted in life, etc.

All I got from all those lists was....well....lots of paper with lots of writing on them.

To tell you the truth when I was making all of those lists, I couldn't help but think "I'm just picking random $#@! out of thin air, these aren't things I really want" "well, okay if the Universe is going to give them to me then I'm not going to turn them away" "how on earth am I going to actively move towards achieving these things if I don't really want them".

The issue with making these lists is that if you aren't emotionally connected to the items you desire you are not going to see them manifest in your life...

There needs to be some commitment by way of emotional attachment if you want to actively manifest.

Is this a problem?  It may be for some.  If you are writing lists of things you have no real desire for but you feel you need to do it to take action towards something bigger and better, it will be a problem, because you will see the lack of manifestation as a punishment for not doing it right and that will take you further and further away from those desires you listed.

So how do we effectively manifest what we desire?  First, toss the list of wants.

This is a paradigm shift people!  Instead of a list of wants...  Create a list of NEEDS.

Here's an experiment...

Say the word WANT.....  Breathe it in, let it sit in your soul.

Now, say the word NEED....  Also breathe it in and let it sit in your soul.

Do those words FEEL different to you?

When we say that we WANT something, many of us feel unworthy (there are techniques and programs to help you overcome that issue, however I don't believe it will fully correct it). 

The word NEED carries a very different vibration and doesn't have the same guilty feeling affect on us that the word WANT does.

The funny thing that I enjoy about this shift in vibrational wording is that very rarely do we even NEED anything!

In this moment, sitting here typing these words I am perfect, I am comfortable in my chair, I am clothed comfortably and I've just eaten a nice meal with my family.  I NEED nothing.

This isn't always true of course, sometimes I need something and I ask for it out loud.

Try omitting the word WANT from your vocabulary and replace it with the word NEED.  Do this everyday.

I tend to see the Universal God Energy as all loving, caring and supportive.  And so just like a parent with a child, when that child requests something because he/she needs it, then it is given. 

Ask yourself, when you see a child demanding a WANT desire, do you feel like obliging?

I didn't think so....


  1. Thanks for sharing great thoughts. Another good reason to leave want out of it, is simply because that's what the universe will give you--want. I much prefer to be in a "have it now" state. Look forward to your next post, Jen.


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