Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walking Through Illusion

How do you start a book review for a book that has changed your life?

When I was approached by Betsy Otter Thompson and asked to write a review for her newest book Walking Through Illusion, I was really excited for the opportunity.

Throughout reading the book, my excitement grew leaps and bounds for all those who will pick it up and read it and for the message it is bringing to humanity.

Set in dialogue format.  Thompson asks all the right questions and the Jesus energy within her heart answers them from a place of pure love, understanding and truth.

Walking Through Illusion isn't a book that you pick up and just read, it is a book that demands connection with emotion and inner searching.  It is a book that will bring you to new understandings about yourself, your life and the people in it.  It is definitely a book you will want to keep handy as you work out life's mysteries.

Betsy Otter Thompson brilliantly combines the wisdom of Jesus with short notes of her own journey, as well as offers questions to help you realize your own truth at the end of each chapter.

The timing of which I received this book was no coincidence and immediately upon opening it up answers to my deepest questions were revealed.

For me, reading this book was like being transported back in time, sitting in front of Jesus himself as he teaches us about Love, Forgiveness and the Ultimate Truth.

Often times I have felt that Jesus' teachings are overlooked in our daily lives.  Walking Through Illusion proves that the teachings he offered in his earthly lifetime are still alive and are entirely relevant to our lives today, in fact the information within this book may be all the answers you will ever need along your journey.

I found Walking Through Illusion a spiritual practice.  The book demanded my attention only when the timing was perfect and with each chapter I found myself processing the information at a very deep spiritual level, in turn changing how I saw my myself within my life.

It is my belief that Walking Through Illusion can propel us all to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our role here on this planet.

Thank you Betsy for the opportunity to review Walking Through Illusion.  It was my greatest pleasure.

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