Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Judgement call....part 2

So immediately after I posted the last blog about judging people I judged the post.

I judged it because I wondered if it was appropriate for me to post something so....well...true.

I almost deleted it.

Then I realized if I deleted it, I wouldn't be honoring my intention for this blog. And that is to be completely honest, hold nothing back within that honesty and trust that if I am guided to blog about it then it must be something others need to hear.

As much as the last post seemed to be about me judging others, I judge myself the most often and the most harshly about everything from...well...blog posts to my housewife status....to what to make for dinner!

Truth be told we are all judgmental at times. It's human nature, it's one of those things that has been placed before us that we are to conquer (or at least tame) during our lifetime.

I realized after speaking to a few people that read the post that it brought the issue to light for others and offered them an opportunity to examine their own judgments. Be it towards themselves or towards others.

Judgment can give us a clue as to something we see in someone else that is reflecting our own personal nature. Or it can bring to light something we see in someone else that ultimately we wish we were.

"Oh, she is WAY too outgoing!" Says the shy girl.

"If I had money like her, I'd buy fancy clothes too" Says the woman who feels too guilty to buy something new for herself.

As long as we are spiritual beings having a human experience we will find judgment in our day.

It doesn't make us bad people, it makes us people who are on a journey to find inner peace. Without judgment what would teach you how to be more tolerant and loving?

It's helpful to be aware.

Most importantly, it's helpful to forgive yourself.

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