Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A promise is a promise....

This past year or so has been all about forgiveness and letting go for me. I've blogged about it and spoke about it and I'm not going to go through the details.

However, recently during a Reiki training I found myself sharing how I got through it with my students and realized that I don't believe I have ever shared it with my blogging community. But it can have a tremendous impact on your life.

So here it is today.

We've all read the self help books, read about the 12 step programs towards forgiveness and none of us are really any closer to understanding how to truly forgive and even if we do understand the concept we have no clue how to activate it in our life.

The one thing that I found that gave me an instant connection to forgiveness, was to take the situation back to the planning stages.

By planning stages I mean, before incarnation. When, at a soul level myself and each person involved in the situation sat together, lovingly arranging the details of my life. Laughing at the good spots and crying and holding eachother at the rougher spots.

When I see myself sitting with my loved ones in this way, listening to their conversation. Telling each other how dedicated we would be to each other's growth and learning this lifetime. Expressing how hard it will be once we are on earth, but that it will all be worth it if we stick to the plan; I am immediately connected with a feeling of love and forgiveness.

In this way, we see the truth of our existence. The truth of our relationships, our arguments, our love, our turmoil, our peace.

In this way, we can see nothing but the pure divinity of each of our lives, the best laid plans.

Have you ever looked at your verbally abusive father and saw him at a soul level. Agreeing to be an abusive father (a very hard thing for a soul being to agree to by the way) so that you could become a loving and peaceful one? Or the distant, non existent mother who agreed to be that way to show you how to be a present and loving mother.

Each person in our life has promised us something at soul level, as you have promised them.

I don't care what it is that you are going through in this moment. This idea is something you need to try.

I'm not interested in having you go back and relive the moment the hurt began. I'm not interested in having you rehash old, yucky feelings (although they are still there, they are still wreaking havoc on your mind & body). I am only interested in having you sit with this moment and find the thing that hurts the most and then see it at a soul level.

Take it to your imagination. A round table, light beings seated around, some standing because there are so many beings involved in our life stories. A large book in front of you where you are writing out the details as they are being finalized. What is it that these beings are promising you? How hard are they willing to work for YOUR benefit?

Sit with this image for a while. It doesn't take long for this image to find your heart and connect you with the divine truth.

This is forgiveness. The moment you connect with the truth of the situation, the moment you make the decision to stop believing the lies that your ego has been telling you all those years. This is the moment of forgiveness.

And all of the people in your life who have seemingly "ruined" you, they are the soul beings that promised you they would help you become something bigger, something better.

And a promise is a promise.

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  1. So, that's how your able to face the reflection in the mirror everyday!!!! Interesting concept......


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