Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil spills & littering..... It's all relative!

There is so much talk and action surrounding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill these days.

But as I walked my dog this morning and saw the trash that lined the streets I wondered if some of us are giving too much energy to the oil spill and not enough on doing something to clean up our own back yard.

The some of us I speak of are those who sit in their homes, watching the news and complain about the spill or offer their "expert" advice as to how this mess needs to be taken care of to everyone they meet on the street, completely ignoring the fact that they have had to step around someone else's garbage in the middle of the sidewalk.

To be quite honest with you, unless you have magical powers and can suck the oil up with your baby finger, your ranting and raving is doing nothing to help the situation and all we can do is send Love to the experience and trust that all is in divine and perfect order, which it is.

Now, lets get back to something you can change! Litter.

It surprises me beyond belief when I see a child throwing their garbage on the ground. Who taught them to do that? Aren't our children more sensitive to these types of things? And if they aren't sensitive to it now, what on earth encouraged that change?

A week ago I was walking around the park picking up someone else's Slurpee cups off the playground floor and tossing them into the garbage that wasn't 2 feet away from where the cups lay.

This morning I saw newspapers stuck to fences, empty Tim Horton's cups and empty plastic bottles in the gutters and in people's front lawns and much more!

It makes me wonder what people are thinking?

This is your town. Your piece of the Earth, that you've been given the privilege to live on and you are covering it with your garbage?

So, if your one of those people who is crying about oil spills and how devastating it is to the environment, I suggest you get off your butt and go out and do something other than cry to show Mother Earth you support, love and care for her.

Pick up your garbage, encourage your children to use garbage cans or bring a bag with them to pick up garbage they find on the street during your family walks. Teach them to love this earth, teach them to honor her existence because with out it you and they are nothing!

And don't get me started on the dog poop that doesn't get picked up!

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