Thursday, April 8, 2010

When the Universe speaks.....I need to listen!

How familiar are you with the ways in which the Universe makes it's plan known to you in your life? And how often do you ignore those subtle hints?

Here is a little story for you about how blind and deaf I can sometimes be when it comes to the Universe's promptings...

I enrolled in a life coaching course many months ago and have been working away at it bit by bit in my spare time. It's a considerable time and cost commitment that I was certain I would enjoy and succeed in.

A few months ago though, I noticed that the information was no longer resonating with me and I had developed an unmistakable disinterest in completing it. But still I plugged through, finishing the modules, submitting my essays and making plans to work with my mentor coach. I am by the way quite close to being finished after pushing myself to get through it thus far.

Here's where it gets funny (or not, depending on your level of craziness)...

Last month I was preparing for my 2nd mentoring call. I am given a 1/2 hour to coach my mentor on the topic of her choice and then we spend a 1/2 hour critiquing my style, questions, etc. (sounds like fun, huh?)

I need to mention to you that my mentor is in the UK, somewhere in England and I am in Ontario.

To make a long story somewhat short. I didn't realize that daylight savings time does not occur in the UK the same time it does here and so I missed the call.

I felt really bad about this mix up(I am not a genius when it comes to time zones, it's a polish, blonde thing, I think) and rescheduled for another opportunity.

That opportunity came today. I was told earlier by my mentor when the time change would happen for them and I marked it in my calendar so I wouldn't get it wrong...again.

Last night I double checked the time online to make sure I had it right and sent her over an email to confirm our appointment. I double checked the time again this morning, just in case!!!

Guess what?

Yep, you guessed it, I missed the appointment by an hour. The time that I got online was wrong (somehow?) and I was an hour late for my call.

Here's the kicker. Yesterday I was wondering all morning if I should just postpone the call, we are in the middle of a move. I have a lot to do around here. But I reasoned that it was only an hour of my time and I really SHOULD do the call so that I can move forward with this course (even though I'm not satisfied with it)...

Do you see where this is going?

My first feeling of disconnectedness from the course was a clear warning that I am not to be taking part.

The time mishap was another indication that yep, we're still heading into territory we have no need to explore.

But today! Today made me laugh my butt off... I mean COME ON! The online time zone calculator is WRONG?!?!? Okay, maybe it was operator error, but I double checked it like 3 times when I went on and it said the same thing every time!

I really need to listen to my intuition. It practically screamed at me about this, but nope I knew better and moved ahead anyway!

I picture somewhere, someone is having a good old laugh. Either that or they are wagging their finger in my direction while chanting "I told you so!" (not that there is a being that would do that, it's just really funny to think about it).

It wouldn't be so bad, however my mentor doesn't seem to have a funny bone about human error. So, now I am destined to pay for each of my mentoring calls individually instead of them being included in my tuition fee.

Hmmm, quite possibly it is time to take that queue from the Universe, save myself from further agony and humiliation and hang up my coaching course?

The truth is, it is difficult sometimes to take that first hint and run with it, there are so many programs in our brain that tell us how we need to follow through, make commitments and behave in a certain way no matter what our emotions are telling us. So trusting our emotions and allowing those prompts to move in a certain direction can be tricky.

Note to self: At the end of the day, I can save myself a lot of time, energy and heartache if I just listen the first time instead of taking it to the point where the Universe steps in and makes the decision for me. Which in some cases has the tendency to take the form of something much more debilitating if I take it too far. I figure I got off easy this time.

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