Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passion in Purpose

This is the question in my head today... Queue Jeopardy theme music....

If you are born with a "purpose" in life, does it matter (really matter) if you work your tail to the bone to achieve it or sit back, relax and enjoy the journey that gets you there?

If in cooperation with our Creator we agreed to take on a specific purpose in this life, do you think that you would be left to fail? Do you think that if you aren't actively engaging in stressful situations and pushing through all sorts of adversities that you will not recognize and live your purpose?

Okay, so granted I know all kinds of people who have done that, pushed through challenges and come out on top. Perhaps this was their purpose and their path to claim that purpose. And I'd like to mention I have no idea if they are truly happy with the way things are going because only they hold that information.

The point is, we cannot go around looking at what everyone else is doing and then applying it to our own situation, because....well....because we are all unique and our purposes are all unique and the way we choose to realize those purposes is all unique.

How about this... Consider that right now in this moment you are living your purpose. You are embracing it and you are enjoying it and it is loving that you finally recognized what your purpose is for this moment.

I believe we can find our purpose in the things we love and are passionate about.

That passion is giving us valuable information about ourselves. It shows us where we belong in life.

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