Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miraculous benefits of Reiki

As a Reiki healer I am very passionate about the benefits of energy healing, any kind of energy healing can benefit the mind, body and spirit. We know that. It's been documented, scientifically researched.

But do we give much credit to energy healing for the other miracles in our lives. Or do we brush them off as insignificant consequences? Of which I might add I believe there are none.

Take for example yesterday. I met with an amazing student of mine for a Reiki exchange. I hadn't had a Reiki treatment probably since November. Since then we've been trying to sell our home (lots of interest, no buyers). We've also been trying for the last 2 months to get our finances in better order so that when we do move we can do it seamlessly and without hardship. With both of these big things going on I had begun to doubt that our decision to move was the right one for us, maybe we should just give up and stay put. That would also alleviate the issue of the finances, since if we stay where we are we can manage just fine as is.

Yesterday things changed. Things changed about an hour after my Reiki treatment.

What happened was the mortgage broker we had been dealing with finally came to us with an affirmative on our financial plans. After 2 months of nothing but brick walls and set backs we were finally getting the go ahead.

We also got a call from someone wanting to look at the house and have received an offer.

Coincidence? I think not!

I think what we all need to understand that if you are imbalanced in the mind and body, your world, your life is also experiencing an imbalance.

My Reiki treatment undoubtedly re-balanced my mind, body and spirit so that they were once again operating at their most efficient capacity and in turn my life (without any warning) instantly came into balance as well.

I have had clients call me days after their treatment to report miraculous things like job offers out of the blue, finally finding the mate of their dreams, different perspectives on life events that used to bring them great distress and even appearances of money when they most needed it.

To limit the benefits of energy healing to just what we can feel is limiting the divine perfection and possibilities that lie within these amazing techniques. When you are one with your energy, you are one with the world, with your life and with all that is around you. Energy healing can get you there.

Don't take my word for it, find someone who is practicing any type of energy healing work and see for yourself!

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