Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm not buying it! So there!

So I mentioned in my last blog how excited I was that I was going to take part in a webinar that would help me learn how to increase my energetic frequency.....

Okay.... Huge disappointment!

Imagine... It was all a ploy to get me to buy more products that promised to help me with this manifestation issue and that energy blockage.

Tell me.... How am I to believe that your product is going to help me with all of that when you didn't even deliver on the "amazing experience" of your webinar?

It is no wonder that those who are not familiar with intuitives and energy healers view us with a prejudice eye when we offer them assistance. There are so many people out there with an agenda and it's hard for someone to know what's legit and what is just an infomercial or a ploy to get you to buy something.

Let's get something straight. I totally understand that you have a business to run and that you have a product to sell... However, I do not like to be tricked into spending an hour plus listening to your voice remind me to take a look at the "special offer" every 5 minutes when what you really need to be saying is all the stuff you promised you'd say to help me learn more about raising my energetic frequency.

Here's the real deal. There is no real secret of how to raise your vibrational frequency. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a 10 disc set, 4 books and a subscription for monthly webinars.

What you need to do to place yourself in a space where you are vibrationally matching what you want to attract into your life is....

(drum roll)

Send Love to everything and everyone, including the earth, the sky and the water. Send Love daily to whoever and whatever comes to mind. The more you send Love, the more you will embody that Love (because it is your natural state, not because it is a foreign land that is hard to find).

Sending Love, being kind, smiling, accepting life for ALL of it's beauty and gifts is the way to raise your energetic frequency.

You can also raise your frequency by reading inspiring books and listening to uplifting music.

That's it...

Oh, I'm sure there are all sorts of other tricks and backflips that you can learn to do if you buy the "special offer", but I don't know what they are because I'm not buying it.

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  1. Go Jenn!!!
    Love is all we need and thank you for the reminder.
    I agree that it is not good practice to not deliver on promises made to entice us into calls.


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