Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good vibrations

I am taking part in a webinar tonight that promises to give me the information I need to help raise my energetic vibration...

Oh boy could I use this right now...

There is one thing that I know that raises my energetic vibration for sure and that is meeting with like minded people who have an interest in bettering themselves and assisting anyone else who seeks it as well.

There is a surge of energy and inspiration that wells up inside of me after one of these gatherings. I write well afterwards, I have personal revelations that assist in bringing positive change in my life and I simply fall in love with life all over again.

Unfortunately, I haven't been doing that for myself lately. And I'll tell you something, I can feel that my energy is in a very low space. It is almost like going into hibernation.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it certainly gives me an opportunity to reflect upon where I am in the moment, how much I depend on outside sources for my comfort and ultimately how much I can stand of myself. Plus I love all the nights I get to curl up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book. But even that gets old after a while.

However, if I stay in this space for too long I will feel as though I have lost myself. This kind of feels like a depression, even in this moment I am dealing with a head cold and I know that it is because I am not nurturing the spiritual being that needs social interaction.

This is a need that I have not honoured. I don't give it the importance that it deserves.

What raises your vibration?

Are you honouring that by giving it the time it needs in your life?

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