Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Strong Message....

I finally got the opportunity to see the movie "Avatar" tonight.

I have heard lots of great things about this movie from friends.  I have also overheard conversations between those who felt the movie was too long, and other faults they perceived the film to have, my favourite being the argument that the way the people of Pandora "connect" with their horses and birds may have been a little too subjective.

I have to tell you, the impact that this movie and it's message had on me was very strong.

It didn't take me long to recognize the parallel between the world of Pandora portrayed in the movie and our Planet.

The typical human perception that all things are expendable and that because we are human and we are the so called "superior species" that we have the right to take everything we get our hands on in the name of financial gain and societal accomplishments are very clear in this movie and are very clear in our day to day lives here in our current reality.

We think it's okay to overtake entire countries based on our needs for natural resources.  We think it's okay to wipe out entire nationalities because of religious and political views.  We think it is okay to run large machinery into a pristine and pure jungle to harvest resources for the sake of growth and progress.  These things have been happening for ages.

Not too many movies hit me in this way.  I found myself feeling the pain of the natives of Pandora when their home was destroyed by gunfire and explosives.  I felt their anguish when their most sacred place was being threatened by warfare.  And I found myself thinking of all the people who have come before us on this planet and who have been destroyed in the very same way.

I also found a renewed sense of appreciation for the planet in which we live welling up inside of me.  I found myself re-evaluating my understanding of energy and how it works, and how I can impact the world we live in, in a positive way.

Maybe it was the connection that these indigenous people had with their environment that made me reconnect to my inner knowing that this love is real and needs to be embraced by us as humans living on a planet that is full of wonderment and amazement just like the world of Pandora.

Imagine when you walk, you connect with Mother Earth your feet feeding her and her feeding you, imagine that when you meet someone for the first time and you feel a deep connection that you are connected by a band of energy where all of who you are is understood and embraced by all of who they are.  Imagine that with every activity that you engage in you are fully present, and even when you aren't fully present the love and life of the planet is still embracing you and feeding your soul.

Now stop imagining.  In actuality the story of Pandora reflects our story perfectly.  There is a web of connection that few of us are aware of.  An intensely intricate web that keeps us all energetically connected to each other and to Earth.  You are me and I am you!  A delicate balance that we as humans do not understand or respect.  On a daily basis we continuously disrupt the balance with our misuse of our resources and Mother Earth struggles to keep up. 

Our original nature is very much like that of the Pandora inhabitants.  We are not meant to be violent and aggressive, it is against our natural state to participate in such activities.  It's why it takes months and years to train soldiers for combat, it goes against every cell in our body to behave in this way.  We are naturally loving, accepting and pure.

I left the theatre amazed at the strong message that Mr. Cameron was sending out to us through this creation.

I feel extremely appreciative for the effort that was put into this movie, that it portrays the truth of life so beautifully for us.  That we now have something to contemplate, to wrap our little minds around.

And I would have made the exact choice that the lead character ultimately made.  I would have embraced the people of Pandora, given my human life to transform myself into one of them and reunite myself with the being that I was meant to be.  In fact we are all faced with this choice, multiple times in our lives.  We always have the choice to choose our natural, divine, loving and respectful way of being over the selfish, ignorant, egotistical human program.

Love Conquers All!

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