Monday, January 18, 2010


I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach.  I don't know why they were there.  There is nothing in my day or week that is remotely scary or uncertain.  I treated myself to a mini Reiki session and then got started on my morning routine.  Wake the boys up, keep them on task and get them on the school bus on time.

Everything seemed to be going just fine until an overwhelming sense of loss swept over me.  I had to sit down because the feeling was so strong.  I'm not quite sure where this is coming from.  I have been doing some meridian work on myself and that could have loosened some residual emotion, and the earthquake in Haiti is having an effect on the entire world.  Maybe it was just time for me to release 37 years of junk I've been holding onto.

Either way something very powerful came over me, it felt almost like someone released the cork from a fizzy bottle of champagne or the release of pressure from a can of pop that's been shook up.

The moment I sat down my eyes sprung a leak and I couldn't hold in the heartbreaking sound of sorrow as it came flooding past my lips.  As all this was happening I was feeling so alone and scared, like a young child suddenly abandoned in a strange place.

It didn't last long, 5 minutes at most and I am at present extremely exhausted!

I hope that whatever it was is at peace now. 

I wonder how many of us have been experiencing these odd and unexpected bursts of emotion in the past few weeks.  I would love to hear about it if you have, the more we share, the more we learn and the more we can be at peace with our evolution and all the fascinating symptoms that come along with that journey.

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