Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alternative Healing

There's something very interesting about talking to people about their health.  They want to TALK about it, but they rarely want to DO anything about it.

I rarely bring up the subject in conversation since, as a Reiki practitioner I tend to become a little too passionate (if there is such a thing) about the way people treat themselves.  But usually those who know me well and know what I do will bring up the topic of their health, maybe to pick my brain or maybe just to drive me crazy (smile), either way the conversation almost always looks like this.....

Them:  I can hardly walk, my arthritis is so bad.  I have trouble sleeping too.  Do you think what you do could help me?

Me:  I'm sure it could if you were willing to commit to more than one session (smile).

Them:  Well, what about headaches, would it work for a headache?

Me:  Yes, any pain is affected by Reiki.

Them:  Oh yeah.......LONG PAUSE........How much do you charge?

Me:  $50/hour.

Them:  Oh really...(disappointed look on face)

Me:  silence

Them:  Well...like can you guarantee me that it will work?

Me:  No, I cannot guarantee that you will allow yourself to heal (smile)

Them:  Well, I guess it's worth a try right?  I mean I'm at the end of my rope here and I'll try just about anything right now.  I'll see if I have extra in my next cheque and I'll call you to book an appointment.

Me:  Yes, when you feel you are ready, just give me a call.... (smile)

Here's the thing.  These people NEVER call! 

When I was new at practicing Reiki, I would become a bit offended if people didn't call after these conversations.  I felt like it was personal.  Why wouldn't people want better health?  I quickly learned that it doesn't have anything to do with me or what services I have to offer, some people simply don't see the value in alternative healing techniques.

I'm not quite sure why.  Over the years I have asked many people what keeps them from seeking help outside of the medical community, since most times they have been back and forth to the doctors and there is no resolution in sight.  Some say it is because it's unfamiliar, that they need more education, for most it is the money factor and for still some it is because they simply would not know what to say or do if they tried it and it worked.  Many of the people I have worked on over the years have managed to explain their healings away on other things.  It's quite funny actually.

Here's a message for all of you out there who have had a conversation like the above with a healer that you know (and I am speaking truly from my heart about this, because it is something we need to overcome as a society because our health care systems are literally collapsing around us).

We are healers.  We choose to become healers because we have a great need to assist the betterment of humanity.  I have never met a healer who didn't have his/her client's best interest at heart (there may be some out there that don't, however I have not met them).  Whatever we charge as a fee we most likely agonized over for months before settling on something we felt comfortable with and that our client's could afford.  We are interested in helping you live your best life and we are not out to take you for a ride one session at a time.  Our time is valuable and so we must charge a fee, or have some sort of exchange of energy with regards to the session (I have been known to swap pie, tupperware, hair cuts, artwork, hand analysis and other services for sessions). 

We can and will do all that is possible within our modality of interest to help you overcome whatever it is you wish to overcome.  If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who we feel may have better luck.  Because everyone is individual, everyone will respond individually to different techniques.  But YOU need to show up.  YOU need to take charge of your health. No one can do this for you, it is your responsibility.

The medical community is of great importance in our society, and rightfully so.  I certainly cannot remove your gall bladder.  However, if you are in a situation where you are in constant pain and the medical community has no answers for you, you are frustrated and tired of living this way, then it is time to look beyond the medical community, find an alternative healer that you trust and are comfortable with and allow them to work on you.

Heart attacks are expensive!  Back injuries are expensive!  Cancer is expensive!  Death is expensive! 

Alternative healing modalities are NOT expensive because they create well being within the body and in most cases can reduce or eliminate the possibilities of the three above mentioned ailments (and a lot more), if you and your body are in agreement to that healing.

I welcome feedback about this post.  Whether you are a client and you have a reason for why it has taken you so long to give alternative healing a try.  Or you are a healer and have experienced this and have a solution for it.

It is my belief as I mentioned above that our health care systems are taxed out.  There are waiting lists as long as the great wall of China.  There are no answers for medical mysteries and there are far too many people living life with excruciating physical, mental and spiritual pain.  Right now many alternative modalities are not covered by insurance companies and yes that makes it hard for people to access these types of treatments. 

However soon we will not have things like OHIP to cover any of our medical needs because it is simply becoming too expensive for us to keep up with.

Spending a small amount now in order to create better health, will in the long run save you from much more expensive medical costs that you will indeed have to cover.

Energy healing techniques address the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom.  So in time the reason for the ailment is gone and you no longer need to treat it, it simply is no longer there.  Time frame varies from person to person of course and no one can know ahead of time how long that will take.

An energy healing session is an investment in your health and your future.

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