Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Soul-full experience

I have always liked painting and creating, but never felt like I was very good at it.  As a young girl I would spend lots of time with my cousin and her husband, and the first thing we would do upon my arrival is visit the local ceramic store, pick up a few pieces and spend most of our time painting during our visit.

I cherished these pieces, I think my mom still may have one of them and I don't know where the others have gone.  But, I do still have a few Christmas ornaments for the tree that I painted myself as a girl.  It's really neat to unpack them and remember the fun I had while I painted.

On Saturday I was reminded of that fun, that childlike innocence that peeks through when I am given an opportunity to create (good at it or not).

I attended an Intuitive Art Workshop with Maggie McLeod and was taught how to clear my mind and allow the message and visions to flow, then transfer them onto paper.  I was so nervous about this for many reasons.  One being my own judgement of my abilities.  I usually try too hard when I sit down to paint and therefore have a hard time allowing the information to flow, then I am scared to share what I created because it doesn't feel good to me (mostly because I forced it onto the paper).  I was also nervous that someone would tell me how much my artwork stank...

These fears of course were unfounded as I quickly realized that most of us in the room were having the same issues, our insecurities were running rampant and we were all a little wary of how this day was going to turn out and what we would gain from it.  We were all supportive of each other and I soon recognized that this day was a big part of our journey and it was a step that must be taken.

I surprised myself by creating 3 very unique and interesting pieces (2 are pictured, the 3rd didn't photograph so well).  The message from my soul was clearly mapped out in my artwork.

We all marveled at each other's artwork, each of us had a distinct style and even if you didn't know who did the art you knew which 3 belonged together, our styles were very clear and the artwork of our souls was marvelous!

I am so grateful to have had this experience, it has unlocked a part of me that has been sleeping and I just simply cannot wait to delve deeper into my subconscious to pull out more art from my soul.

The process was easy; I cleared my mind, took some deep breaths, randomly picked up a color and let my hand do what it needed to do.  It was an addictive process also and found it hard to stop drawing when our time had ended.

So, all of these years I thought I wasn't talented, that I wasn't worthy of being a creative person and that I was destined to be completely blocked when it came to artful expression.  I was completely wrong!  I am talented, worthy and creatively UNblocked!  It's an amazingly liberating feeling to put pencil to paper and just allow your soul to draw and create.

I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Don't pre-judge or TRY too hard when you are sitting down to be creative, let the ideas and images flow easily and lovingly.  Then sit back and enjoy the creation of your soul.

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  1. I agree! This is exactly how the process works. To remain open and allow a translation to the medium evolve. Thinking about the process without letting go can definitely place a barrier to achieving the work. Very good, Jennifer!


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