Monday, December 7, 2009

Death perception

Let's shift your death perception shall we?

Death is a 3D illusion.

I know this to be true because we are all energetic beings.  Made from pure divine energy and energy is never ending.  It is a continuous flow and cannot be destroyed.

Of course we feel the loss of our loved ones physical presence in our life, but they are not truly "dead".  They have simply transitioned to a higher state of being and moved from this dense earthly plane to a higher, lighter less restricted plane.

Some very key people in my life have transitioned this year.  My brother, my first employer, a close friend from the past, as well as many others.  With each death I find myself adventuring into my emotions about the event.  What is it that makes me sad, angry, regreful?  Is it that the person had to experience "death" or am I sad that I didn't?  I certainly feel sadness for the family, they must now begin living without the physical presence of their loved one.  Their smiles and laughter, their guidance and direction, their voice.  But ultimately I believe that our souls mourn because we are still here, we have been left behind and well....that sucks!

At the soul level we are all very much aware of the oneness of the energy that brings our bodies into physical reality, aware of how life on earth is painful; and aware that there is a more pleasant and peaceful reality beyond living on this planet.  Knowing that this life is not permanent and that there is a much better place ahead is calming to the soul.  But for some reason it is a cause for anxiety and panic in our physical consciousness.  A lot of people fear the end of their life, they believe that they will miss their loved ones, that they will be left in between worlds and alone, they believe that they will be punished at the pearly gates.

I've read many books that contradict each other on the topic of what happens after you die, I've watched many tv shows about ghosts and crossing over, I've also watched a few scary movies that depict the dead as zombies and the like.  These serve to confuse the heck out of us.  They fuel the fear of death programming we've been subjected to.  They play with our minds and make us believe that "death" is a very bad thing and that we must fear it until....well....the day we "die".

The transition we call death is just that, a transition into another state.  Our energy is transmuted into another form.  Not the physical form we are used to, but something we deny because we haven't seen it.  (The brain only knows what it knows and doesn't know what it can't see)

Loved ones who transition should be celebrated, not mourned.  They have successfully completed their time here on earth and have graduated to a higher "grade" so to speak.

Although, I don't think most of us are ready for the dialogue that goes like this:
"Old Joe passed away in his sleep last night"
"That's fantastic, way to go Joe!".

But one day we will be.

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