Thursday, December 3, 2009

The process of healing & transforming

The state that your body is in, in this exact moment is the direct result of your past thoughts, actions and words.

The majority of the people in this world are walking around carrying extra weight, eating the wrong foods, thinking they are unworthy and telling people how sick they are?  This is just one of the many recipes that create a physical body that is not in alignment and therefore will manifest pain, illness and disease.
I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Whatever your situation is at the moment.  You have the power to change it.  In this moment you can change your weight issues, relationship issues, health and money issues.  Although, the process of healing & transforming is sometimes not an easy one, it is well worth all of the effort you put into it. 

I recently experienced a situation that brought my consciousness back to the time when I was 3 or 4 years old.  I felt powerless, alone, invisible and violated.  I was having a hard time figuring out why this was coming up all of a sudden and having an even more difficult time wondering why I was feeling like I didn't fit in, in the adult world.  As I was talking to a good friend of mine about processing and releasing past traumas, I had a visual of a time when I was around 3 or 4 that triggered these same feelings.  These feelings had begun to manifest as a pain in my wrist, (wrist issues tend to relate to the ease of forward movement in life).  I was able to acknowledge what had happened and change the situation in my mind to involve a scenerio that helped those feelings to transmute into safety, security and love.  All from the simple acceptance of a vision.  And this morning the pain in my wrist is gone.

I am a firm believer in awareness.  I believe that once the conscious mind becomes aware and accepts the root cause of our current emotional state then we immediately begin the process of healing & transforming ourselves.  The body wants to naturally heal itself, but it needs the minds cooperation of course.  If your mind has become aware of an issue and your body begins the process of healing and then your mind decides "no, this is too painful to allow myself to look at it" the body will begin to regress, back and forth this process goes until pain and illness are the result.  You are allowing your past to control your present.

Not many of us realize that the way we react to situations is the direct result of a past experience.  The cells in our body carry all of the memories of our past experiences around with us until we consciously make the decision to release or change the memory.  And so in each and every moment of each and every day, you have the ability to become consciously aware of the moment you are in, recognize where the emotion, reaction, thought is coming from and release it.

For example, the ideals we were raised with regarding money directly affect our financial situation today.   How many of us grew up in families who believed that people with money were better than everyone else, or that money was the root of all evil?  If you had a well to do aunt or uncle or cousin how did your family perceive them?  What was the collective ideal about money?  Was it a mentality of abundance or lack?  Did you hear your parents say things like "we can't afford it" "money doesn't grow on trees".  All of these things shape your belief about money and so that same belief is living inside of you and every time you think about  money or see someone with lots of money you get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach  and up creeps that belief that was put in place about money.

This information can change your perception and awareness of your life if you allow it to. 

There is equal potential for all of us to be affected by our past.  There is also equal potential for each of us to improve our lives through awareness.

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