Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If I had my way......

If I had my way.  Christmas would be about the birth of Christ.  Not about how much time, money and effort we spent finding the perfect gift for someone.

If I had my way.  Christmas music would be banned until the week before the big day and big fines would be charged to all of the stores that use it like subliminal messages to raise the anxiety of their customers.

If I had my way.  Outdoor Christmas lights wouldn't exist.  Doesn't anyone else recognize all the power that is being used needlessly just to brighten up the outside of your house or building at night when everyone
                                                      is asleep???  Whose gonna see it anyway???

If I had my way.  We would spend our money not on useless gifts for each other, but on food and necessities for those who have been put out of their homes and have nothing this holiday season.

If I had my way.  Those of us that feel Christmas has become a huge marketing scam wouldn't be ashamed to say so in public.  It's kept like a dangerous secret behind a slight smile every time someone mentions how much they love Christmas.  Heaven forbid we actually voice our feelings about it for fear that we'll be judged.

Don't get me wrong, there is a part of me that envies all those people who embrace this holiday season.  I wish that I could feel like they do.  Honestly, it's never been my favourite time of year.  It's never been about the REAL stuff, the love, the togetherness, family.

I suppose one could argue that the giving of all of those gifts is how we show love for each other. 

As a child I received many, many gifts from my family.  But I still felt alone, unworthy and misunderstood.  So, in my opinion gifts don't quite cut it when it comes to what we as human beings truly need in this life.  We certainly don't need more stuff.  We need more hugs, hand holding, understanding, kindness and compassion.  Those are the true gifts of Christmas.

Christmas is about reaching out to people, touching their lives.  Not with an expensive gift but with your heart.

The message from the Universe is that "you are gift enough".  You are gift enough to your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers.  In all of the ways that you make life better each and every day, this is the truest gift. 

So put down the expectations and anxiety of financial lack this Christmas.  Empty your arms of the burdens that are lying ahead of you and wrap those empty arms around someone who needs you, by far this will be the best gift you will ever give someone this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice, Jenn.

    Historically, Christmas is really winter solstice and is therefore about endings and beginnings. It is a time to observe nature's cycles as they switch gears. With the death of what we knew, we welcome the birth of what we don't yet know. Therefore, Christmas is a slightly superfluous (and very confused) metaphor for natural cycles of reality.

  2. Quite possibly this is why I have always felt conflicted around this time of year...


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