Thursday, December 10, 2009

Living within your vortex

Last Saturday when I attended the Intuitive Art Workshop with Maggie McLeod, my last piece of art included a big colorful vortex (looks like a tornado) right in the center of the page, with bright yellow and white drawn down the center.

I had some knowledge of vortex's prior to this but wasn't sure why one was showing up on my art.  Maggie pointed out to me that Abraham Hicks speaks at great length about vortex's and maybe that would help me to realize why it was showing up for me.

So I went YOUtubing : )

I found a ton of information about vortex's and what it means to live within your vortex. 

There is a stillness inside of our vortex.  A place where we can connect with our true selves on the deepest level.

One thing that struck me about one of the Abraham Hicks videos was the one about praying and it made so much sense to me.  He spoke about how we pray.  Most of the time we are praying for things, money, success, love, patience, direction, guidance, the list goes on.  As much as our intentions are good, we are in effect praying outside of our vortex, those prayers are heard and answered but they rarely have the same effect on our lives when we receive what we are asking for as praying inside of our vortex gives us.  When we pray inside of our vortex we pray more in appreciation of the things that we already have, we ask for blessings for everyone on this beautiful planet, the good and the bad.  Everyone is equal when we are inside of our vortex. 

I know that I have quite often prayed outside of my vortex.  My prayers would begin with thoughts of what I don't have and then I would continue on with the long list of things that I felt would make my life better in some way.  I rarely included anyone outside of my circle of connections in my prayers.  Once in a while I threw in a "Thank you for all that I have" but that seemed to be a rare occasion.

After watching the Abraham video on praying I realized how far off track I was in my connection to my divine creator and to living within my vortex.  I seemed to be good at staying peaceful, calm and loving when I felt like it or when I was surrounded by people I wanted to be that way with, it was fleeting and it felt like a job.  It took a lot of energy for me to be in that place that wasn't genuine.  I was lying to myself about the person I was and so found it hard to accept compliments on my behaviour because somewhere inside of myself I knew I wasn't "living in my vortex" and I rarely let anyone see me with my guard down.  It felt like I was living a lie.

I see "praying" inside the vortex and "living" inside the vortex as being one in the same.  There is a place within me that believes that all we do in our lives is a prayer.  The thoughts and actions we put into anything converts into a request to the Universe and so is essentially prayer although we aren't aware of it.

I had an experience yesterday.  My purse was stolen out of my unlocked vehicle while I volunteered at a Christmas Pasta Lunch for a local school.  I entered my vehicle expecting to pick my keys out of my purse and carry on my merry way, but my purse wasn't there.

Earlier in the day other people volunteering were notified that there was someone in the parking lot checking car doors and so they all went out to check their vehicles.  I wasn't present for the warning and so was the lucky winner of the draw to have her purse stolen.  Thankfully it wasn't much more than a slight inconvenience to cancel vital documents and have them replaced.  The biggest loss I think is the purse itself, it was a gift from my family for my last birthday.

What I found fascinating about this experience was my reaction, or rather the LACK of reaction I had to having my purse taken.  I knew I had left the door unlocked so that made it fair game, I didn't feel violated or angry just inconvenienced.  I actually felt sad for the person who took it.  Thinking of what it would be like to live a life tethered to your addiction and having to steal to maintain it.

This incident showed me how much I was living inside of my vortex that day.  It was a total confirmation about how when you are living inside of your vortex material things aren't the priority, there is no sense of violation because you are aware that there is a higher purpose for everything in your life.  I knew in that moment that something bigger was at play and that the purpose would be revealed to me if it was meant to be revealed and that all I need to do was trust in the process.

It was a really cool feeling.  I didn't stress out, I didn't cry or get angry.  I was calm and at peace and so my body wasn't compromised by an extreme emotional circumstance, I was able to maintain balance throughout the whole thing.  I was even laughing at the situation.  The poor guy got away with a purse (not brand name) with no cash at all in it, a maxed out credit card and a debit card attached to a bank account that is most likely in overdraft at the moment.  The cell phone is 2 years old, weathered, worn and dead.  He did not benefit at all from this experience except that last night as I laid in bed I said a prayer for his safety and well-being.  In that way he might have received his greatest reward.  I imagine not many people in his life pray for his well-being.

So maybe the vortex in my art work symbolizes that I am living within my vortex more now then I ever have? 


If you'd like more information about how to start living within your vortex I would love to guide you there : )

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