Saturday, December 26, 2009

Internal GPS

As the Christmas season settles down and you are sitting back in your chair taking a much needed deep breath and relaxing, I want you to take inventory of how you are feeling in this moment.

Because all we really have is this moment.  Nothing else.  We have not been guaranteed more moments than the one we are currently experiencing.

Focus your attention on your thoughts.  What are you thinking about right now?  Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, Money, Disappointment, Resentment, Hurt, Anger?

Focus your attention on your face, shoulders and stomach.  How are these places feeling right now?  Calm, Soothed, Soft, Tense, Chaotic?

And now focus on your legs and feet.  Are they in any pain?  Are they relaxed and enjoying this peaceful moment you are taking for yourself?

And now how are your emotions?  This will be your biggest indicator of how you have handled the holidays.

Our emotions are our personal GPS systems that tell us each moment of every day whether we are headed in the right direction or going the wrong way down a one way street.

You will experience feelings of panic and anxiety if you are going the wrong way.  You will feel unsettled in every part of your body and it will not feel good if the direction you are going is taking you to a place of more discord.

If what you are looking for in 2010 is a better year than the one you just had, more energy, prosperity and happiness.  The first step you need to take is to establish an intimate connection with your emotions.

We are constantly negating our emotions.  If we are feeling anxious we push through to the other side no matter how much your stomach is turning.  When we are feeling uncomfortable and unsure we ignore those warnings and move forward anyway, most times only to find out that where we were headed wasn't all that desirable to begin with.  What about your sadness?  What do you do with that?  Heck, we even ignore moments of extreme happiness.  It passes us by so quickly and we forget to stop for a second and enjoy the moment.

Can you imagine yourself taking emotional inventory throughout your day?  Where do you think that would take you?  What do you think would happen if you took stock of your emotions when you wake up?  Perhaps you didn't sleep well and you woke up a little grumpy, knowing this in advance of interaction with others puts you at an advantage, because it is only when you are aware of your emotional set point for the day that you can then do anything about it.

When we ignore our emotions we are ignoring our internal GPS system.  I know all of you out there with a GPS in your vehicle wouldn't think of ignoring it while you were taking a trip where the destination was unknown to you.  Life is a journey where the destination is unknown and yet we are quick to ignore the little voice that tells us "you are headed in the wrong direction".

Just for today, take note of every emotion you are experiencing.  And pick one emotion that you will consciously decide to acknowledge and act upon.  Doing this will reactivate that intimate connection that I was talking about.  Your body will respond to that precious acknowledgment in a very beautiful way.  Take notice of that as well, take notice of the muscles relaxing and the stress fading from your mind & body.

Just for today.

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