Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Story

Life is like a novel.  Some chapters still unfinished of course. 

And believe it or not we can impact the content of the rest of those chapters with the choices we make and how we perceive the world around us.

Some points of our novels may look similar to eachother, but they are indeed different.  What makes them different is how the story affected us emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

We all handle situations in our very unique ways.  The death of a loved one may devastate one person, but lift another person to a higher level of their understanding of death itself.  Similar type of story, different perspective, different outcome.

Take two sisters born into the same family for instance.  If you were to ask each one to describe their childhood in detail you would get two totally different perspectives.

Our stories reflect how unique each of us is in the way that we perceive our lives.

What I have noticed about my novel is that with each chapter that was written about tragedy, loss and frustration, there was an equal chapter written that displayed courage, love, strength and joy.  There is a constant balance to my novel.  Life is like that.  You are never given circumstances in your life that won't bring about some positive attribute in the end.

The other thing I like about this novel called Life is that we are rarely the same person in the last chapter that we were in the first chapter.  Usually, as the story progresses we become different people, we think differently, act differently and engage in life differently.  Whether or not your transformation is a positive one is totally up to you.

If you were writing the chapter of your current circumstances, what would it look like?

If you were someone reading this chapter, how would it make you feel?  Would you have words of wisdom for the character or would you whole heartedly agree with their position.

Taking a step back and looking at your life like you are reading a book gives you an opportunity to make adjustments so that the chapter evolves into a life lesson and in turn changes the outcome of the entire book.

Maybe your not ready for adjustments, maybe you are just ready to notice, like I did that with each chapter of hurt there is a chapter that follows that is filled with hope.

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