Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Today is the Winter Solstice....  Can you feel it?

I can.

I feel like I am on an energy high!  I feel the giggles bubbling up now and again out of nowhere.  And I feel totally and completely free of any worry or tension.

It's a blissful place to be and I hope it will stay for days and days.  I would love to have this feeling everyday!

I found myself experiencing some weird energetic symptoms in the days approaching the solstice.  I was feeling spacey and disoriented, not able to find my vehicle in the parking lot and not being able to put names to faces at a party I attended.  A really weird feeling of disconnection to all that I was doing.

I also had some things happening with my vision.  For instance, while driving home from doing some Christmas shopping I had to pull over momentarily because the energy that was swirling around in front of me was so distracting I couldn't concentrate on the road ahead of me.  It started as small swirls then grew into bigger swirls and bubbles of white, purple and turquoise that kept swirling and bubbling in my vision.

My dreams have been quite spectacular also.

All of these things can be attributed to the solstice.  The solstice marks a new beginning, a rebirth.  It's an exciting time and if we all pay closer attention we can see how it is affecting us on an energetic, emotional & physical level.

When we approach a solstice; things may feel a little uncomfortable, like something is just not quite right somehow, but as we move through it we begin to feel more connected to our higher self, we feel grounded, alert and ready to take action in our lives. 

Whether we are aware or not, we are changing vibrationally with every solstice, with every full moon, with every new moon, with every new beginning and end in the Universe.  These are all guide posts to our energetic evolution.  Each one carrying a vibrational pattern that affects our own unique vibration, encouraging us to grow and move forward. 

This is a seriously exciting time.  Something many of us have been waiting patiently (or impatiently if you are like me) for.  A time of renewal, of finally stepping into our "God" given power.

It doesn't stop at adults.  Children and pets feel the changes in the energy more so than adults sometimes.  They are much more sensitive and aware.  Pets will behave uncharacteristically and children will be full of energy, excitement and uncontrollable laughter!  My own children have been full of the giggles and are totally uncontrollable with their emotional outbursts the last couple of days.  I have heard of some people's pets suddenly behaving wildly. 

If you've never before thought about how the solstice affects you, I encourage you to google it.  Google "energy symptoms of solstice" or something of that nature.  You may just find exactly the answers to why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling the last little while.

Happy Solstice to you!

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