Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Matter What!

Recognizing the saboteur's that live within each of us is an extremely important step to realizing our dreams and moving forward to success.

I find that most people don't even recognize that their saboteur has taken control of their life.  We get stuck in our everyday lives and when our circumstances aren't going as planned or aren't as joyful as we would like we often sink into it further without really looking for the reason behind it.  Without realizing that we have the power to change the situation.

How many times a day do you think, feel or act like you are unworthy of whatever it is that everyone else is receiving.  Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and thought "I never win, I don't know why I buy these things"?  Have you ever looked at a well dressed, confident person walking down the street and thought "I could never be like that!"

If you have had these thoughts (or any one of the multitude of negative talk thoughts that go through our minds), you have a saboteur living among you.

I believe that there is one saboteur that lives within you and as you fight your way past it, it shape shifts into another type of saboteur.  The saboteur knows that once you have recognized him that he no longer holds the same power over you and so he changes into something a little bit different.  Sometimes the message is still the same, but the negative self talk that is used is different so that you can't recognize it right away.

The origin of the saboteur is different for everyone of course, depending on your family situation, social status, religious beliefs, etc.

I also believe that you can conquer every single one of the saboteur's that shows up in your life.  It takes time and commitment of course, but with the right support and nurturing it can be done.

I recently stumbled upon another saboteur that was living within me, one that had originally been "you're not good enough".  This one was called "just a housewife and mother" (where has this saboteur been, I am so many other things NOW).  The basic message was still "you're not good enough", however the saboteur put a new spin on it so that I would in effect not realize that I was being sabotaged.

Why do I think conquering these types of thought is important?  Well, imagine a life where you are constantly bombarded by negative self talk.  In this life you can never rise to your full potential, and even if you do you certainly won't enjoy being there because you will be constantly worried that everyone around you will find out that you are "just" or "not good enough".  You will feel like a fraud.

Sabotaging self talk is simply our ego exercising it's control muscle.  Nothing more.  Imagine a 2 year old having a temper tantrum in a grocery store because he/she is not getting what they want.  This is the image I have of my ego!  Then I remember what I did every time my son had a temper tantrum, I either ignored it (don't give that tantrum any more energy or it will never fizzle out) or I removed him from the store completely.  We need to do this with our ego every once in a while.  Show it whose boss.

So how does one go about conquering the saboteur's?

First things first.  Identify the saboteur (it's really not important to find out where it came from, no need to place blame, only a need to rid yourself of the negativity living in your mind).  Give the saboteur a name.  Go further and put an image to the saboteur.  Once I made a saboteur into a monkey and envisioned physically removing him from me and disposing of him.

Another thing was to write the name of the saboteur on a piece of paper, then rip it to shreds.  Adding an affirmation to this exercise is powerful.  Something like "I am good enough and no one can tell me otherwise". 

Adopt the "No Matter What" principle.  (btw, there is a great book out by the same title by Lisa Nichols (The Secret)).  Adopting the No Matter What principle means that you say out loud to yourself, your spouse, your children, friends, the world, whoever will listen that No Matter What you will accomplish what you were put on this earth to accomplish.  That your happiness and your dreams are non-negotiable and nothing will stand in your way.

Great things begin to happen when you take the time to recognize your saboteur's and deal with them effectively.  You will find that your way of life changes, your thoughts, feelings and desires change and you begin to see things coming into your life that you have only dreamed about.

This awareness bridges the gaps between your mind, body and spirit.

When you take back your power over the saboteur's you are empowered and you can clearly focus on what lies ahead.  You are in alignment with your true self.



  1. hmmm, i think i have a band of monkeys...clinging to my outsides and clinging to my insides...No matter what - I will have to remember this!

  2. This is so true! I have a few of those monkeys too :)


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