Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Can Do It!

I look at life coaching the way the Home Depot slogan looks at home improvement.

"You can do it!  We can help!"

Of course we can overcome obstacles, reach new heights in our relationships and careers, turn our health around for the better on our own.  Imagine though the pace of progression if you had someone helping you out along the way.

Imagine not having to sit in the pit of misery longer than necessary because you have a life coach that is on your team, that sees in you the things that you haven't yet seen with your own eyes?  That can bring you to a place of awareness that you might otherwise not have had the strength or energy to do on your own.

A life coach can help you see to the root cause of a situation much more quickly than if you were left to your own devices, and the quicker we come to the root cause the quicker we can resolve the situation and move forward to the next task (because there is ALWAYS another task waiting).

Life is full of mountains, mole hills, peaks, valleys and hot dry deserts.  When we stop to take a better look at how we are handling the different terrains we can better understand how we have evolved into the place where we currently sit.  And how we can navigate our way to an easier path.

I find it amazing to work with a life coach myself.  I can make progress that normally would take me months to accomplish on my own.  Revelations come to you and land right on your lap, an open book to be read and understood. 

It's like looking at life through dirty glasses and then one day realizing how dirty your glasses have become over time and deciding to wipe the grime away.  The view of life through clear glasses is very different, indeed, you can see things you haven't seen before and get a better idea of the bigger picture.

Many of us are currently stuck in very old, very outdated situations.  For some our bodies have begun to tell us that they can no longer withstand the stress and pressure of the situation.

Do you know how to move forward?  Do you have the courage in this moment to shift your thinking to see this situation as a gift?  Do you just want to find some peace and happiness in your life?  Do you want to better yourself? Are you wondering if there is more to life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it may be time to give yourself the gift of time and invest in a life coach.  You will find the time spent with a life coach to be priceless, I know I have.

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