Monday, August 31, 2009

Reiki as a Complimentary Therapy

There are many Alternative and Complimentary Health Techniques to choose from.
We live in a wonderful time of being able to have a greater choice in our health care. 
Many of the treatments that are offered encourage prevention of illness, but all too often we are already in a state of unhealthiness when we stumble upon a healing technique that could possibly offer us relief.
One such treatment is Reiki.  Being a Reiki practitioner for 3 years I have seen tremendous improvements in the health of my clients with this technique and am always overjoyed with the results that my clients receive.
Reiki; pronounced Ray-Key and meaning Universal Life Force Energy; is an ancient healing technique that uses the gentle laying on of hands.
Reiki offers a holistic approach to all conditions. As a complimentary therapy it works well alongside conventional medical treatments and therapies. Providing deep relaxation it relieves the stress and anxiety that is sometimes related to medical treatment and diagnosis.

** One should never stop taking medications or stop medical treatment when working with Reiki and your doctor would benefit from knowing that you have added this complimentary therapy to your health care treatment. **

This technique is a completely safe form of treatment, it is non-invasive and gentle and does not require you to undress.

A typical Reiki session lasts 60 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children. The client lies fully clothed on a body work/massage table and is covered with soft, warm blankets. Soft music is played in the background to aid in the relaxation of the body and mind.

Using his/her hands the Reiki practitioner channels the energy for the client through a series of various hand positions throughout the body. The client may report feeling warmth, vibrations or tingly sensations coming from the practitioner's hands and travelling throughout the body. This is the energy that is being felt.  The time spent with the Reiki energy is soothing and relaxing, it is a feeling like no other.

A difference in the client's state of being is often felt after just one session, and the effects of the treatment can last up to one week after treatment.

The number of sessions varies for each individual however it is recommended that at least 3 consecutive sessions be taken within a week of eachother to create a more consistent balance in the mind, body and spirit. Although this is not mandatory and is left to the client to consider. It is through this holistic balance that Reiki brings about natural healing.

Some of the benefits of regular Reiki treatments include (but are certainly not limited to):

- reduction or elimination of pain
- relaxation and increased mobility
- elimination of migraine headaches
- accelerates healing time of colds/flus, post surgery, etc.
- strengthens immune system
- increased energy
- calms, reduces and eliminates stress and the effects of stress on the body
- balances negative moods and emotions
- relieve insomnia
- increased learning ability
- corrects unnecessary behavioural patterns

Reiki is not a religion. Nor does it require the client to believe in the process of Reiki. Reiki is accessible to every person regardless of age, income, religious background and beliefs.

Although no one technique is right for everyone, Reiki certainly can serve as a stepping stone to learning about the other modalities that are available to us.  It is a gentle introduction to a world that we rarely get to hear about. 

The experience of Reiki is one you will not soon forget.

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