Friday, September 4, 2009

The Significance of Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you all day?  The impact that it had on your emotional state was so great that you just couldn't shake the feeling?
Some people feel that dreams are just mind chatter from the day before and this may be true in some circumstances, but not all.
Dreams are significant in bringing to light what is going on beneath the surface.  Hopes, wishes, fears, anxiety they all seem to come up in dreams.  And we can either take a closer look at them or brush them off as meaning nothing and carry on.
I feel if we choose to take a closer look we are opening a door to self realization.  When we accept the gift that our dreams have to offer us our life becomes clearer, less confusing and more manageable.
Many times you may wake up and find you only remember mall things about your dream, the color of the car you were driving, an animal that was present in the dream, the time of day, who you were with.  Even if you remember nothing else, those small symbols can be extremely helpful to uncovering what's hiding.
I remember once dreaming and finding that I only remembered that there was a big white wolf in the middle of the road I was driving on.  I remembered nothing else about that dream.  But what the white wolf tells me is this:  I was ready for forgive myself or someone else however I was still feeling fearful of the situation, but not to worry my strength and independence would carry me through.

All of that from one white wolf.

Many people now call dream analysis their hobby.  The book stores carry a wide variety of dream analysis books and are extremely helpful to those who wish to bring greater clarity to their dreams and their life.

I find it helpful to analyze my own dream and if I need greater clarity I call upon a friend who does her own dream analysis, someone who does this for themselves will have more skill than someone who doesn't believe in their dreams at all.

I encourage you to keep paper and pen by your bed and record anything at all you remember from your dreams.  Also record the feelings you had during the dream, this will also guide you to an answer.

Dreams can be powerful catalysts to change, if we allow them to be.

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