Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Meet Him There

For most of my life I have been in a state of resistance.  That resistance lead to lots of pain, oodles of anxiety and more than enough stress and worry.

Last year I met a woman who was working in a retirement home kitchen part time, going to nursing school, raising her daughter and expecting a little one.  When I expressed how amazing I thought she was for doing all of these things, she replied "God tells me where to go and I meet Him there".

It was that moment, hearing those words that I realized where I had been going off track in my life.   At that point in my life I was very busy trying to make things happen on my own, I was experiencing failure and setbacks at breakneck speed and it was making me crazy.  I felt like a constant failure.

Sometimes trying to make things happen in life is like rubbing two wet sticks together hoping to create a fire.  It takes so much energy and rarely produces any results!

Over the past year I've been fortunate enough to experience many moments of allowing God to tell me where to meet Him.

Each time I am willing to let go of my control freak, Type A nature.  I am rewarded.

I used to think that strength and success came only if you were busting your ass to make things work.

Now I realize that most often true strength and true success comes from being patient enough to wait for God to tell you where to meet Him and then making your way in that direction.

The purpose of life isn't in the moments of strife and struggle, far from it.  The purpose of life and the happiness, success and abundance you seek is in the patient, quiet, serene moments.

I wish you a life full of the latter.

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