Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep Showing Up!

If there's one thing I've learned in my journey, it's to keep showing up.

Nothing will happen in your life if you don't say 'bring it on' to a few tough things.

I know lots of people that want something different for themselves and yet they sit on their hands and swallow their words all the time.

I remember being totally miserable in my life.  I hated where I lived, I blamed my husband for my depressed outlook on life (isn't it always the husbands fault?), I had issues with my kids and my kids had issues with me.  I was stressed about finances and just about everything else back in those days.

Back then I would just blame everyone and everything around me.

I didn't know enough to 'show up' for myself and try to change things.  I thought everyone around me needed to be the ones to change.

I know  differently today.  And everyday I make it a point to show up, do something to bring what I want to fruition.

I thought about this topic today, as I was offered an opportunity through my artwork.  The beautiful soul across from me was so excited about the vision she was having and said to me "do you think you'd be interested in doing this?"  I didn't have to think twice about it.  I said 'yes' right away.  When it comes to my artwork the answer 'yes' is at the top of my reply list.  So far I have witnessed this new found gift grow and evolve into something magical, and all because I say 'yes' to every opportunity that my artwork offers to me.

It's not a coincidence that I'm experiencing this, the fact is that if we all just show up and say 'yes' to new opportunities then the Universe is more apt to bring you what you are needing in order to experience positive change in your life.

So what have you been wishing for?

More money?  Better relationships with your kids?  More intimacy with your spouse?  Career change?

Making a change in any of these, will mean showing up.  Take a step, even if it's a bit of a risk.  Even if you don't know for sure if it will work out.  You must take some sort of action for the Universe to know that you are serious about wanting change.

Earlier in the month I applied for a full time position at the local hardware store.  Do I want to work full time?  Not really.  But I have been asking the Universe for the opportunity to create a more steady and stable income that my family can rely on each month.  If I ask for it, then I have to be willing to show up when the Universe puts a 'help wanted' sign in my face.  So I applied.  I put out my best resume and wrote the most endearing cover letter explaining why I would be such an amazing asset to their establishment.

The other day I noticed that they've taken the 'help wanted' sign out of the window and every day I ask the boys if there are any messages from anyone wanting to hire me.  Nothing.

Have I received extra money over the past month?  Yep.  Sometimes it comes as a Reiki client, sometimes it comes as an order for a drawing.  And sometimes it comes on my husbands paycheque.  It doesn't matter where it's coming from really.  It matters only that it's coming.

I used to be someone who would cry herself to sleep over money.  I'd worry and fret and call my financial planner and cry into the phone about my worrying and fretting. 

Did you know that worrying, fretting and crying don't result in money coming in?  Did you know that none of those things are equal to showing up?

My point?  If you want change, show up.  If you want things to be different, show up.  Don't complain about the change you wish for.  Don't blame the need for change on anyone.  Take the bull by the horns and 'git 'er done!'.

Stepping up and showing up will be the best thing you've ever done.

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