Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Truth Can Set You Free....If You Let It!

This week I had the opportunity to speak at a volunteer appreciation event for a large retirement/nursing home company.

The crowd of over 100 volunteers was by far the largest I have spoken to at this point in my 'public speaking' journey.

My topic?

The Power of your thoughts.

A topic that I feel very passionate about.   Speaking about the powerful influence our thoughts have on our reality is deep and meaningful, always.  I can try and dumb it down but right out of the gate it is information that empowers our soul.  No longer are we victims of a world outside of ourselves.  For most, it is the first time we will experience an overwhelming sense of power within ourselves.

For others it hits a nerve and they cross their arms over their chests and put a scowl on their face, or they fall asleep or they decide they'd rather talk and laugh to the person beside them the entire time you are speaking.

And that's okay.

Because you can't please everyone. 

And un-benounced to the skeptics, you can't 'un-know' something and so that little seed of information gets planted inside of you and lies dormant until the right moment where it blooms and becomes something life enhancing for you.

The group of volunteers was primarily female senior citizens.

Some would believe that by the time you are a senior citizen it is 'too late' for you to change your ways.  Too late to change your thinking or your mindset in a way that can impact your life.

I don't subscribe to this belief.

I don't believe it is ever too late to change your perspective.  In fact, seniors are excellent candidates to use empowered thought processes to change their circumstances.

I had someone approach me after my talk yesterday and tell me they really enjoyed hearing what I had to say but that some 'wouldn't get it'. 

My response to this was.  I'm not here to make sure everybody 'gets it', I'm here to share a message that can change lives if it is considered.  I'm not willing to fluff up, change or compromise my message for those in this world who are too 'sensitive' or not ready to hear it.

The night before the event I flipped on the television and there was Wayne Dyer talking about thoughts and he was saying exactly what I wanted to say to the group the next day.

Confirmation that I was on the right track with my message.

We all have a message to share.  We all have something we want to tell the world.

I say.  Tell it.  Tell it like it is.  Don't spread butter cream all over it and sprinkle it with sugar so that it's easier to swallow.  Jesus, Buddha, The Dali Lama didn't and don't dress their messages in fancy frills for the benefits of others. 

They speak the truth, not to impress anyone or try to change anyone, but because it is the truth and they know that one day the truth will set everyone free.

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