Sunday, June 10, 2012

And So......

Everything is right with the world....


As I sit here feeling full of all that is good after a Ginormous (j-eye-norm-us) Total Recall Women's Retreat weekend on Pelee Island!

A beautiful B&B right on the water's edge.

A roommate that ROCKED and shared my interest in sleep!

A realization (again) that I am not superwoman.

The courage to act upon the re-discovery of my 'un' superwomanly self.

Laughter (most important).

Great food (okay...maybe this one is most important).

Hearing someone confirm for me that I am and I have made a difference in their life (bonus: without even trying!).

Recognizing the incredible influence that this past year has had on me.

The kick ass suntan I am going to have!

Getting the chance once again to stand in front of people willing to learn and grow with you.

Rediscovering the word 'magnificent' and feeling like it describes who I am (A first for me!)

The list is endless.

My point?  I am happy.  I can see my blessings.  I know their names.  I know their smiles.  I know their hugs.  And I know that I am worthy of them.

Just as you are worthy of yours.


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