Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too Long of a Facebook Post

I was checking my Yahoo email for messages when I stumbled upon this headline.
Are you Mom enough? 


Like we don't already have enough competition in the motherhood category? 

And who on God's green earth thought it was ever a good idea to promote being in so much control of your children that you need them with you 24/7! 

Can you say "high stress level".

I can see these young mothers with these ideals stuck in their head that they 'should' be able to maintain a stellar home and cook television quality meals while their infant is strapped to them and their 3 year old is asking to be breastfed and they haven't slept in 12 months because they are all sleeping in the 'family bed'!

Give ME a break!!!

I can see headline's down the road that say "New Development:  Attachment parenting cause of rise in heart attack's in young mothers"

And let me tell you that the genius that thought this up probably didn't even consider the post 'attachment parenting' effects of this strategy on the teen years!

As a mother of teenagers who were rather affectionate and loving as a young boys; I can't imagine spending the years 0-12 coddling my child and doing everything 'just so' just to have them reject me in their quest for adulthood.

Because they do reject you.  It's nature's way of preparing them for their own life.  If you watch the animals of the world you will see that most mothers will actually kick their children out of the nest/family to encourage them to move on and become strong in their skills and senses.  Not because they don't love them but because they DO love them!

I'm guessing the promoter of this parenting style is a therapist (no disrespect to the profession).  Just my guess.  This would be the ideal way of increasing your clientele down the road.

I think this strategy needs some serious re-evaluation if parents are to maintain their sanity in an already tough job.

And the headline:  Are you mother enough?

It needs to say 'are you mother enough' to love yourself through your child's disrespectful behaviour, dirty language, refusal to eat foods that are good for them, recreational drug/alcohol use, teen pregnancy and refusal to acknowledge your existence?

If you can do all of that and still love yourself.  Then I declare you MOTHER ENOUGH!

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