Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today I Bought The Cutest Shoes!

Well....  Technically I haven't 'bought' them yet.  Because I got to the check out and the lady says "Will you be in the city tomorrow?" and I look at her funny, like "Why?  Because you will miss me?" and she says "Because all of our summer stuff including these fabulously cute shoes will be on sale 40% off and I would feel really badly making you pay full price for them today when I know full well they will be on sale tomorrow" AND "I don't mind putting your items aside for you until tomorrow".

Um yes to the "Will you be in the city tomorrow?" question.

And just like that, a week's worth of slummy attitude is gone.  POOF!

And this is how I know God exists.  And may be a woman.  Just sayin'

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