Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be Free....

Everyday I wake up and I put on my super woman cape.  Sometimes I wear it around the house just waiting for the moment that the world will need me to save it.  Most times though I am disappointed that the world doesn't call.

Instead, I am asked to do the little things like clean the toilets, do the laundry, wipe the muddy puppy paws and cook dinner.

And none of this feels like saving the world to me.

Except I am forgetting that yesterday I spoke with a group of young men about the potential for positive change if we choose positive thoughts instead of negative ones.  And I am forgetting that a month ago I was part of a Summit where I was able to empower people with the knowledge that they are intuitive and wise.  And I am forgetting that every Monday I mentor a little girl who can hardly sleep on Sunday nights because she's so excited that the next day is Monday and that she gets to spend time with me.  And I am forgetting that (almost) everyday I get out of bed and I make my kids laugh or at least have them question my sanity so that their day starts on the right foot.  And I am forgetting that what I have done is enough to get me at least a month of paid vacation time.

Instead of accepting that vacation time, I worry that I am not being used.  I worry that the world doesn't need me and that I'm not on the right track and I'm not doing enough to make a difference.

Instead of taking my vacation time and resting, I spend it frantically searching for what I might be missing.

No wonder I'm tired.

There's a great phrase in a song that I love.  It goes something like this "the fishes are confused, when searching for the sea.  Find what you can't lose.  Be free".

Find what you can't lose......

Be free......

You can't lose the knowledge that you are a spectacular human being.  Living a spectacular human life. 

You can't lose the knowledge that a greater force is holding your hand and guiding you to your destination.  You are essentially blindfolded.  It's time to trust.

What kind of 'employer' would the Universe be if it ignored labor laws and worked you like a dog without rest or benefits?

Be free.... 

Stop the madness of searching for something you are already living within.

We are running through life looking for something that can only be found or realized when we are still.

Be free.....

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