Monday, February 27, 2012


It's so very easy to be bestie's with a 9 year old girl.

She doesn't care if my hair is a mess or if my clothes even match.

She'll tell me that I look tired and then convince me to run an obstacle course with her 5 times!

She asks about my boys and which Disney princess is my favourite.

She shares her dream of one day being in charge of all the money that McDonalds makes.

She tells me I'm her best friend as she hands me the cupcake she decorated for me.

Her only expectation of me is that I show up every Monday for an hour to play and laugh.

Sometimes, I imagine that she is me. 

That her only requirement is to be accepted.

Somewhere inside of me is this girl who doesn't care if her hair is a mess or that her clothes don't match.  A girl who despite being exhausted from a day of running errands and doing everyone's laundry can still find the time and energy to run and play.  A girl who knows that she is her own best friend and that she will still be loved if she ate all the cupcakes.

Somewhere inside of me is this girl and I long to let her out and BE.

Being best friends with a 9 year old girl is easy. 

Being best friends with yourself.

Not so much.


  1. i like this. I posted it to the tranquil planet. you're talking about being a big sister, right?

  2. I'm an in school mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I only see her during school hours once per week :) Thanks for posting it!


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