Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love Touchy Subjects.....

I love touchy subjects, don't you?

I love them because of the uproar they cause.  I love them because they tend to dredge up emotions that otherwise wouldn't be acknowledged.  They go to the root of all hurt and pain and allow us the opportunity to take out a mirror and see exactly what this subject does to us.

The touchy subject of the day is Christmas.

Oh yes, you knew this was coming.

Personally, I am not a fan.  I think it's WAY over rated. 

Yes, I put up my tree and I trim it with decorations.  I have even spent years making it a big deal for my kids because I like to be a hypocrite that way.

I also allow others to enjoy the holidays the way they wish to enjoy them.  No matter what their cultural, religious background is, you won't hear me bad mouth other traditions.  And you definitely won't hear me defend my 'right' as a Canadian to keep "Merry Christmas" in our language.

Right around the middle of November I start getting forwarded emails urging me to share the message that we as Canadians should not be forced to stop saying "Merry Christmas" because it might hurt the feelings of immigrants that have come to our country to live.  That if they don't like it they can go back to their country.

I hate getting these emails.  I never forward them and to be honest I question the integrity of the person sending them.  It's hatred and bullying and it's disturbing.

Has everyone gone mad?

Let's review...

What is Christmas?  What is the 'reason for the season'?

Christ was born (apparently...  that's a whole other blog post). 

What did Christ stand for?  Love, compassion, equality for everyone. 

What does Christ want for us?  To love one another unconditionally, to embrace our differences and learn from eachother (I'm guessing here).

So if you are so hell bent on celebrating Christmas the way Christmas 'is meant to be celebrated' then I suggest doing away with the intolerant messages, stop centering people out because they won't conform to our culture and traditions. 

Didn't we all learn how to play nice and get along in Kindergarten?

For me, it is the intention of the holiday that matters.  If your heart is speaking "Merry Christmas" and is living in the space of love and acceptance that Christ taught, then what does it matter if we get to say it out loud?  What does it matter if our kids get to sing proper Christmas carols in school or not.  What does it matter if stores announce "holiday sales" instead of "Christmas sales"?

Personally, I see more people concerned about one upping last years gifts than they are about what the season really means.  They have no problem pushing and shoving their way to the latest gadgets only to yell at the staff because they don't have the color they wanted.

Grow up people.  Show your true Christmas spirit!

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