Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life is a Blog Post

Today was one of those amazing days that hands you a blog post on a platter.

My oldest son booked his G2 drive test for this morning.

Now in my 'cool Mom' way I hadn't been worried in the least about him getting to drive himself everywhere.  In fact, I was pretty sure I welcomed it!

No more late night rides home for the girlfriend.  No more having to get him to the show on time or pick him up from a friends house.

Doesn't that sound like blissful freedom?

I thought it did.  Until from the inner depths of my Mom being came emotions I had no idea I owned.

And when did they decide to show up?  Yep, that's right, on the way to his test appointment.

My intention was to stay as calm and cool as possible.  The reality is the control freak from Mars was more than willing to rear her ugly head (again....cough) and somehow try to zap him back to being 5 years old and needing to hold my hand to cross the street.

Thankfully, I knew what was happening, so when he said to me "you are so worked up, what is your problem?" (with his usual 'oh my God I can't believe you are my mother' tone of voice) I knew how to explain myself instead of getting all worked up about it.

The truth is that no matter how much I think I have it all together, I'm still a mom.  I'm still learning how to deal with these new experiences, my emotions surrounding them and the inevitable truth that he is one day no longer going to be living in my home getting my kisses goodnight.

This experience called me out!  Had me on my knees begging to be spared the agony of seeing him drive off without me and having to endure the depth of motherly emotion I was not expecting!

Thankfully, God is on my side on this one and thinks he needs to stay under my protective wing for a bit longer because this attempt at his G2 was unsuccessful.


Even prayers from oblivious Mothers are heard.

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