Monday, August 22, 2011

If you want something you've never had....

Do something you've never done....

This is one of my all time favourite quotes!  I was reminded of it this afternoon while speaking with a client.

We are all striving towards healthier relationships.  We all just want to be happy and accepted.  We all just want to be loved and appreciated.  Am I right?

So what if your relationships don't look like that?  Maybe some do, but some don't.  Maybe all of them are pretty equal but could use a little boost.

Well then, you might want to try something you've never done before.

Years ago I heard a woman speak about relationships and about affecting change through what she called "energy bank accounts".

The idea was to fill other people's energy bank accounts with positivity and love instead of anger, jealousy, etc.

A simple yet powerful idea that many of us don't even know we are doing each day.

How many of us become miserable when we are around a chronic complainer?  How many of us become enthusiastic about life when we spend time with an optimistic person with a positive, bright outlook on life?  This is energy at work.  The energy we put out makes a huge difference on the people in our lives!

It was during the time that I heard this speech that I was experiencing lots of negativity in my marriage.  My husband wasn't happy with his work and found it difficult to turn the work stuff off once he was home.  After a while it became so that we just weren't that excited to see him at the end of the day, it was affecting our relationship and his relationship with our children.  I had to do something and I remembered the energy bank account.

I decided then that I would spend 5-10 minutes everyday thinking about my husband in a loving, encouraging and appreciative way.  This was at times very difficult as things were not good in our home at the time and there was little I felt I could appreciate about his presence in my life.  But still I would spend that time each day.

I noticed immediately that his attitude was more positive, upbeat and welcoming on the days I had spent that 5-10 minutes thinking of him in a positive light.  On the days that I forgot it was a totally different story.

I also noticed my attitude becoming more positive and loving towards him.  Even on the days he was cranky!

What I was doing was filling his energy bank account with positive energy and it was counterbalancing the negative energy he was receiving at work.

When we walk around all day with our energy bank accounts overflowing with negativity it is easy to attract chaos, turmoil and undesirable life circumstances.

When our energy bank accounts are filled with positive energy we are more likely to remain balanced and react to situations more peacefully.

What I believe happens is that as you are fillling someone else's energy account, you are also filling your own.  The more positive that goes in the more the negative is filtered out and the better you will feel.

Sometimes we complain to our friends about our kids, spouses, coworkers and employers without thinking about it, but this energy is being sent directly into that persons energy account to be used by them at the perfect moment.

Think of the worst day you've ever had.  Now picture yourself making energy withdrawals on that day, if you were already having a bad day and you had lots of negative deposits in your account, your energy would draw on that negativity because it would be a vibrational match to how you are feeling.  Now if you had been filling that account with positive energy you may have started your day on the wrong foot, but would quickly be able to balance it out and bring about the positive to make it much better because your bank account would have positive energy to draw upon.

Try it for yourself and see what kind of positive changes you can affect.


  1. Imagine what a transforming effect this would have on our daily lives if we took on this as a regular practice. It's good to read oyur words again Jenn.

  2. Another amazing side effect of giving positive energy is that your OWN positive energy is instantly renewed. Goodwill for others gives incredible boosts of worth to the giver.


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