Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Revolution

Over the past month or so there's been a major food revolution going on in my home.

You might remember me posting a story about my hubby's trip to the doctor and his slightly elevated cholesterol levels.  Or you might not.

Anyhoo, instead of filling the prescription we decided that diet and exercise would be worth a try.

To be quite honest I was thrilled with the high cholesterol diagnosis, I'd been trying (and failing miserably) to convince hubby and the boys to give vegetarianism a go, that they wouldn't starve without meat in their diets (although my middle son decided to become vegetarian on his own over a year ago).

So this high cholesterol thing was going to work in my favor AND it totally has!

For the first 3 weeks I put us both on a raw food only diet (okay, I snuck a few latte's and snacks here and there when he wasn't looking).  The first complaint I got was that he felt hungry all the time, I had heard this might happen and reinforced that he can eat as much as he wants as long as it is raw fruits, veggies and nuts.  This seemed to do the trick.

Within the first two weeks I saw a difference in his energy level, his smile was brighter and he was always in a really good mood.  Awesome!

Around week 3 we headed to the cottage and because there wasn't adequate cold storage for alot of the veggies, I did what I could with what I had, we did end up eating a few meals of fresh fish and the odd burger, but always had either sliced raw veggies or a vegetarian side dish to go with it.

What amazed me was that on week 3 people were noticing a difference in his body!  We ran into a guy at the cottage who we see maybe once per year and he immediately commented on hubby's weight loss! 

For me I've noticed an increase in clarity and intuition, as well as a slight slimming of the body.  I'll be honest and tell you that I eat bread at least once per day, I just can't seem to kick my PB&J addiction!

Other than my daily bread, we are no longer indulging in processed foods like salad dressings, packaged snacks, etc. unless it's an 'emergency' (as in I haven't done groceries for a while and we're desperate).

As of right now we are eating 1/2 raw and 1/2 cooked vegetarian meals.  Hubby is loving this new food lifestyle and is sticking to it like glue, he's loving the benefits of how it makes him feel and is anxious to go to the doctor again soon to see what his weight loss has been. 

He now gets comments all the time on the changes in his body and everytime someone compliments him it just makes him more determined to keep going.

The one thing I think is really funny is he is now a huge advocate for raw/vegetarian lifestyle, he tells everyone about what he's doing and why and how it's making him feel.

Amazing!  Who would've thunk that this meat eating man would be so happy as a veggie eater?

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  1. I almost wish my own husband would get a bit of a warning at a check up... Good for you guys!! That's awesome.


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