Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did you feel that?

I just exploded...

I swear it was a 9.9 on the richter (sp?) scale!

Thankfully no one is bleeding....  or worse!

Just some bruised ego's and a teenager whose friends now think I have lost my mind... 

Although these friends might have already been aware of my mindlessness...

This happens to me every once in a while.  It's like I am a rubber band that has been stretched and stretched and stretched until it can't stretch anymore and it just snaps!

This is not the person I want my children (or their friends) to see.  However, in this moment it's who I am.

Crazy mom.  Wild woman.  Cry baby extraordinaire!

I tried to stave it off by sitting in a nice hot bath and turning up the meditation tunes as loud as I could...

But alas.  Serenity wasn't meant to be.

There were many factors to this evenings explosion.  Many, many, many factors.  None of which are unfamiliar to mom's and women everywhere!

Maybe I shoulda brought the wine bottle down to the tub with me?

Oh well...  there's always next time....

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