Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Truth Is....

Being honest with yourself is probably the hardest thing you will ever do.

You'll have to face some big things that you've been lying to yourself about.

It's gonna be SO worth it!

A little while back I got an email from a friend. 

As always it was perfect timing.  I was in need of a reality check, I had been ignoring my truth and working hard at the things I really don't enjoy doing which translates into nothing, notta, zip. 

I learned a long time ago that when I'm not honest with myself about the direction I'm going in, I feel like a failure.  If I continue on a project that feels bad to me but I'm being encouraged by an outside source, I feel like a failure.  And still I get stuck in that sometimes.

The article talked about how being honest with yourself and embracing your truth can help you build your business.  Personally, I wasn't focused on how this would improve my business, I was more interested in what it would do for me personally.  Since personally I was feeling like I was stuck in quicksand.

The article encourages you to make a list of truths.

The list starts 'The Truth Is....' and you go through each and every thing you can think of that you've been trying to deny for so long.

My list was long.

The struggle was getting down to my core issues and not focusing on what someone else might want me to focus on (I know you're thinking where does someone else's expectations come in...  I don't know, they just do sometimes).

What happens when you are looking at a physical list of truth?  It changes you.  It changes your direction and it changes your decisions and priorities.

I looked at my list and thought "why on earth would I continue to do anything that I don't feel good about or that doesn't honour my truth?"

Here's my list.

The truth is I HATE (I know a strong word, and yet oh so appropriate) doing business work.
The truth is I really want to draw and teach and heal all day long.
The truth is I don't spend enough time being a mom (because some days I'm too busy doing the business thing)
The truth is I'm afraid of my potential.
The truth is I'm tired of holding back, I'm tired of being afraid and I'm tired of 'playing small'.
The truth is I love my life when I am sharing wisdom and drinking latte's with new (and old) friends.
The truth is I am tired of denying myself true happiness for someone else's emotional well being.
The truth is when it comes to business I despise the networking scene and think it's a joke.
The truth is I have a lot to learn about everything in life and the truth is I am eager to do that learning.

The list goes on and on.

What does your list of truth look like?


  1. The truth is I like your article a lot.

  2. oooooh that is good........I got some list making to do. Can I borrow a couple of yours --- as they're the same truths for me too.

  3. Hi Jen,

    You're right sometimes we just have to ask ourselves what is it that truly makes us happy.

    I wasn't surprised to read your comment on how you despise the networking scene. As you know I've been networking for many years and understand why it is you feel this way. Many people are looking to "get" rather than "give", sad but true! I agree it's not fun being in a room full of hungry vultures. There are many people in business who don't understand that it's about learning about others and reaching out in ways we can help them personally as well as professionally. It amazes me how many people jump at the opportunity to talk about their product or service, when really they should be focusing on being "interested" rather than "interesting". When they understand this the relationship starts to build and becomes more genuine which is really what networking should be about. If they understand the law of attraction and how the universe will "give" when they start giving, only then will they see a magical shift take place in their business!

    The other truth on your list where you had mentioned being afraid of your potential really resonated with me. I too have been holding back, but realized that it's time for me now to spread my wings and fly. Thank you for inspiring me, I truly appreciate you!

  4. Thank YOU Dana! Go get 'em girl!

  5. Mmmm.... I'm glad I went looking for this after hearing someone else mention it earlier... ;) I am going to make my own "The truth is..." list tonight - I love this idea!

    I definitely resonated with many of your truths, as well... The one about denying myself true happiness for someone else's emotional well being really jumped out at me... I'm tired of doing that too... And the truth is, who am I to know what's good for their emotional well being, anyway? Maybe me living in my true happiness will be better for their emotional well being than what I *think* would be by denying that happiness... ;)

  6. I knew by the look on your face this morning that you hadn't seen it yet :) lol
    I'm glad you think this is a good idea, it's something I am going to be doing on a regular basis to keep my self on purpose.


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