Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dummy Doctor

Firstly, my apologies to any doctors who will read this blog.  Although I'm sure none do, they are probably much too busy to bother with silly things like my blog.  Which is a good thing because I'm about to go ape nuts on the medical profession....


Hubby had a doctors appointment a bit ago regarding an issue with his knee.  He was sent for blood tests and is awaiting an MRI (yes we realize he may lose the leg prior to getting the MRI, but still it's what the doctor ordered).

So post blood work, he gets a call to revisit the office, the doctor needs to discuss the results.

He comes into the house tonight and this is the conversation

Me: "how did the visit go?"

Hubby "Not bad.  He gave me a prescription for high cholesterol"

Me (glaring):  "I told you to tell him no prescriptions that first we will work with diet and exercise if it turned out to be a cholesterol thing".

Hubby (nervous because now he's not only dealing with the news from the dr. but he's dealing with his irate, very passionate wife!) "he said it's the LDL and that you can't change LDL with diet and exercise".

Me:  "Really?  In his 4 hours of fucking nutritional training 20+ years ago he has the knowledge to tell you that diet and exercise cannot change high cholesterol?  What you should've said was sorry buddy your summer vacation isn't on me this year, I won't be taking your stupid prescription so that the pharmaceutical company will send you a big fat fucking cheque, plus it's only elevated 2 points which doesn't warrant a statin drug that will cause more problems down the road".

Hubby (smiling because he is so totally used to this kind of stuff coming out of my mouth).

Me:  "I'm googling it.  I'll have your cholesterol down in no time."


I am so sick of doctors and their kick backs from pharmaceutical companies.

At the mention of my plan of action, the doctor immediately told my husband that eating habits and exercise won't work and that LDL is genetic and is a bowel issue - he told my husband the only way to lower it without drugs is to have a portion of the bowel removed!

Are we living in the fucking dark ages???  Where are these professionals hiding while the rest of us are learning more about healthy living and effectively managing health issues through proper diet?

Not that google is the answer to everything, but 50+ sites saying the same things from different sources can't be wrong?  Changing your diet, losing weight and implementing a daily exercise plan will lower your cholesterol more effectively and more safely than statin drugs.

My husband wants to live forever.  To be told at 44 he has no choice but to go on a drug to lower cholesterol or else have a portion of bowel removed for a 2 point elevation in his LDL is disgusting and shows us exactly where our health care system is.

The damn pharmaceutical companies are running the show.  Some doctors are denying care to any patient that goes against the prescribed remedy cover up.  The money in the pocket is more powerful than their commitment to 'first do no harm'.


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