Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Power in Me

There is an infinite power that lives within each of us.  It's ours.  We are responsible for it.

So why then do we insist on giving this power away to others?

We all do it.

In fact, I did it just the other day.

In an instant, you can go from being excited and enthusiastic about life to depressed and hopeless.  And all because you decided that someone else had more power over your life than you do yourself.

A phone call this morning reminded me of the importance of keeping our power.

It's important that we not lose sight that we are solely responsible for ourselves. 

Placing blame on someone whether it's because we think they hurt us or because they didn't live up to our expectations in a moment that we needed them to be something they couldn't be; means that we are giving our power over to them.  We have given our power away and we have assumed the role of 'victim'.

This never feels good to the body. 

When you are powerless you will use words that will describe to everyone around you how you have been 'hard done by' or 'victimized' somehow.  Like people are out to get you.  Like people DO things TO you on purpose because you are powerless.

But this is not the real truth.  And to take back your power means simply to make a conscious decision not to let someone else rule your emotional well-being.  It means not letting someone else make decisions for you.  It means becoming responsible for your feelings and being honest with yourself about how willing you were to let your power slip into anothers hands.

It's helpful in every situation that you find yourself losing hope, to take a breath and ask yourself "why do I feel like this?"  "What is happening here that I need to look closer at?"  "Why am I giving my power to someone else?" "What purpose is this serving in my emotional pain body?"

You can give your power over to someone freely if you enjoy feeling like a victim in your life.  9 times out of 10 that other person doesn't want ownership of your power anyway, they barely know how to keep their own to themselves!

It's exciting to me when I recognize where I've given my power to someone.  It gives me an opportunity to make a change and turn things around.  Get my body back into balance and get back into the flow of a happy life.

Where have you given your power away? 

Is today the day you take it back?

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