Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Childlike Bliss

I am a child in a woman's body.

I like bright colors and finger paint.  I like sparkly jewellery and sundresses.  I like singing out loud and jumping over waves on the beach.  I like tye-dyed t-shirts and pretty scarves.  I like to cut and paste all day long (to the point where my children think this is what I do for a living!)

I am a child.

And I know it.  And anyone who knows me knows it too.

And it bothers me sometimes.  Because there are times when I really need to be a grown up, but honestly I can't seem to find that grown up some days (most days).

It's especially hard in the business world. 

If I could make money dancing around in my garden with daisies in my hair I would. 

Other times I think it's perfectly great for me to allow that child to express herself all over the place despite the eye rolls and looks of disgust from other 'grown ups'.

In my mind, nothings worth doing unless you can have copious amounts of fun doing it.

I remember hearing a biblical verse once that spoke about changing and becoming like children, and how that was a one way ticket into the kingdom of heaven.

Wee hoo!

I'm on my way.

Don't worry, I'll leave room in my suitcase for those of you who just can't make the leap into a childlike state : )

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