Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saying goodbye to a limiting belief

"And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department."  ~Andrew Carnegie

This quote definitely challenges my belief that life is not (and 'should' not be) a competition. 

I'm definitely in the mood to have that belief challenged today.

This belief gets in the way of my happiness. 

I am not a competitive person by nature.  In the past I have found myself caught in a competition type issue  without even realizing that I had stepped myself into it.  It was totally by accident, and at the same time the person on the other end of that competition has felt threatened.  They've felt the same way that I feel when I've had competition thrown in my face.

I hear myself saying to people all of the time, how much I despise the competitive nature of life and business.  You know the 'step on anyone that gets in your way, to make a sale' type of stuff.

I would prefer for humanity to have a 'stand together as one power' than a 'divide and conquer' kind of attitude towards life.

Yet over the last few weeks I have been hearing more and more people express their competitive nature towards me, I have seen their competitiveness popping up.  There is definitely a reason why this is being brought to my attention.

I have resisted competition my whole life.  It's been just recently that I'm beginning to understand why and how it is that I need to change that resistance, if for not other reason than to release the stress of that resistance. 

When I resist the idea of competition I begin to feel more and more uncomfortable, more anxious and more withdrawn.

It really hit home when I heard myself verbalize this belief last night.  I finally heard what I was saying about competition and I could feel he effects it was having on me.  I immediately knew I had to change it, if I was ever going to move forward, if I was ever going to stand in my power and be successful.

Then this quote popped up in my inbox this morning.  How appropriate the Universe's timing.

It's time to release this limiting belief about competition.  It's not going to go away just because the 'goody two shoes' voice in my head wishes it would.

With that being said, I'm not sure I'll become competitive over night, I'm not sure I'll become competitive all.  However I know that by allowing myself to release the belief that competition is somehow bad or counterproductive will definitely open up some doors of opportunity for me.

And I welcome that with open arms!


  1. Competition isn't all bad... without it we'd have a good chance of being poisoned in restaurants and hacked to bits by our doctors. If competition is what makes you stand out as the best at what you do, that's okay. I know you will never be the person who becomes driven by greed and ultimately hurts others to get what you want. Trust yourself and allow yourself the recognition (and the business) that you deserve!

  2. I'm in a kind of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em'" mood : ) lol
    Thanks for your insight and message Mandy they are always appreciated!

  3. From my personal experience competition is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and certain level of stress. I think this comes from the fact that competition is a form of social comparison, which always carries some sort of negative feelings. I see competition as worrying more about your destination rather than the whole journey. I personally find myself a lot more at peace enjoying the actual journey and not preoccupying myself too much with the destination


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